Why Do Basketball Players Wipe the Bottom of Their Shoes?

Why Do Basketball Players Wipe the Bottom of Their Shoes?

If you are a basketball fan, you probably have seen that some players wipe their shoe outsoles by their hands during the game.

This may seem quite awkward to you, but there is a valid reason behind this.

Basketball players wipe their shoes during the game to improve their shoes’ grip on the court.

Because, after playing for a few minutes the shoes’ sloes become full of dust and derbies, that affect the adhesive contact between the shoes and the court. As a result, players feel slippery during their moves.

So, to be safe from any slipping injury and get proper grip from the boots, a player has to wipe his shoes now and then during the game.

Moreover, basketball courts are mainly constructed with concrete and hardwood materials. These materials make the surface floor slippery.

So, walking or running on a basketball court is different from an ordinary floor.

And the best part is if a player can ensure smooth and griped contact all the time between his shoes and floor, this slippery nature will be a blessing for him.

Positive Aspects of Wiping the Shoes

When a player gets solid support from his shoes and surface, he enjoys some benefits around the game.

Some of those positive aspects of wiping the bottom of shoes will be explained below.

Fast Running 

As fast as you can run from basket to basket you will have better control over both defending and attacking section of your team.

Whether running with the ball to score or running after the opponent to bar them from scoring, you need a lot of support from the ground. And only good grip can provide you that much support.

Scoring Goals

Scoring to the opponent basket is the main objective of a team. To score goals, you have to throw the ball to the exact opening of the basket.

Sometimes you will get a chance to throw the ball from a near place of the basket and sometimes you have to make the throw from some distance.

Each kind of scoring attempt needs a top-notch precision. If you have a good grip, getting perfect precision will be easy.

Defending Opponent

If you are a defensive player, you have to block and bar the opponent from scoring against your team.

This defending involves blocking, jumping, chasing and many more tricks. Your stability on the ground helps you a lotto perform all these.

Showing Your Skills

Cross over, in and out dribble, pump fake, behind the back dribble and hesitation dribble are some of the popular basketball tricks.

You can’t do any of these on the court if you are not constant on the ground. If you can ensure your stability, you can ace those techniques.

Reduces the Chances of Injuries

A significant number of basketball injuries happen because of unsafe landing. And most of the times, the reason behind this landing failure is slipping on the court.

So, if your basketball ground and your shoes are able to guarantee a solid bonding between them, you can land safely at any point of the court.

Why Players Keep on This Unhealthy Practice

Most of the time players wipe their shoes by spitting on the palm or licking the palm or dampening the palm by their sweat.

All of these practices are unhygienic, but the players don’t care about it during the game. In the game, players have to prioritize to be indulged in playing the game, and they are ready to do anything for it.

Some Healthy Ways of Maintaining Grip in The Game

  • A player can ensure grip for his shoes stepping on the adhesive traction board before and during the interval of the match.
  • Wiping the outsole of the shoes with a dampen clothe is another effective way of reviving the grip of the shoes.
  • Applying Vaseline to the bottom of the shoes is another successful and healthy method of getting a solid grip around the game.
  • Finally, if your shoes are completely worn out, by replacing them, you can save yourself from any type of imbalance during the game.

Last Words

Gripping is important for performing well on the ground, but we should ensure that we are doing that in a healthy way.

However, hope you get a clear understanding on why basketball players wipe the bottom of their shoes and how the wiping actually helps them.

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