List of Basketball Rules

A survey conducted by Sporteology shows that, according to American TV Rating, Basketball is the second most popular sports in the United States of America. About 15.3% people pick basketball as their favorite sports.

Basketball is a great way of recreation and exercise, people of every age love playing it. Like other sports, basketball also has some rules. If you want to play, you are bound to follow those rules.

The game that is played for only recreational purposes follows some basic rules only. But, a national or international tournament follows all the rules provided by the authority.

Basic Rules Overview

  • Basketball is played with two teams. Each team consists of 5 players on the court. 
  • Each team is allowed to have a maximum of 12 players, 5 on the court 7 on the bench. 
  • The objective of the game is to score in the opponent basket and prevent opponent to score.
  • At the end of the game, the team baskets more wins the match.
  • Players can only move the ball around the court by passing or dribbling.
  • The game starts with jumping the ball in the center of the court with two players facing the direction of their opponent’s basket.
  • A game consists of four sessions each of 10 minutes. If the game is tied. referee allows both teams to play for extra 5 minutes.

Scoring Rules

  • Each free-throw counts as one point.
  • Each field goal counts as two points.
  • Each shot taken from behind the three-point line counts as three points.
  • But, when shooting, if any part of player’s foot touches the three-point-line, it will count as two points instead of three. 

Rules of Fouls

  • Blocking foul: A blocking foul is signaled when one player uses his body to block the way of the opponent player. 
  • Hand check foul: Hand Check foul is called when a player uses his hand to prevent or impede the movement of the opponent player.
  • Holding foul: it’s almost like hand check fouls. This foul is whistled when a player tries to block his reverse team player by grabbing his body.
  • Illegal Hand Use: Anything a player does other than just taking the ball, like pushing, slapping to his rival players, is termed as illegal use of hands.
  • Charging: A charging foul happens when a defensive player has established position and an offensive player runs into them. This type of foul can be happened with or without the basketball.

Penalty Rules for Foul 

  • If a foul is committed while the opponent is in the motion of shooting the ball, the offensive team receives free throws.
  • Two free throws are given if a player is fouled while attempting a field goal within the three-point line.
  • Three free throws are given if a player is fouled while going for a field goal beyond the three-point line.
  • If a team commits foul more than allowed number, the player who was fouled will get two free throws for every additional foul.

Shot Clock Rules

  • The shot clock is used to speed up the game and prevent teams from stalling the basketball.
  • When a team gets ball possession they have a maximum of 24 seconds to attempt a shot.
  • When a shot is taken by a certain team and the ball hits the rim, the clock is reset to ‘zero’. It doesn’t matter which team takes the possession.

Substitution Rules

  • A substitution happens when coach swaps a player from the bench with a player on the basketball court.
  • The coach is permitted to make an unlimited number of substitutions all over the game.
  • Substitution is allowed only on the dead-ball situation, like after fouls, violations, timeouts, free-throws, etc.
  • Substituting player without informing the referee is not allowed, it will result in a technical foul on your team.

Final Words

Rules make a game disciplined and competitive. Because of the rules and regulations, basketball is a fair and competitive game.

Those are only the basic rules of playing basketball. If you want to play basketball for only recreational purposes, we think those will be enough. But to be a coach or a player of the national basketball team, you have to go through other rules in details.

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