How to Tie Basketball Shoes the Smart Way?

Like all other sports wearing equipment, basketball shoes must be worn properly.

In fact, the importance of wearing basketball shoes is much higher than some other sports gears, because playing basketball involves quick and speedy movement as well as lot of footwork.

Failing to tie the laces of basketball shoes perfectly leads you to experience a terrible playing session.

And, in spite of buying the right fit shoes, you will not get proper support from your shoes to jump, slide and basket the ball during the game.

Usually, beginners face the problem of tying their shoes perfectly.

However, here we are going to discuss different types of lacing for basketball players.

As a bonus, you will also get lacing styles that you can follow.

Different Types of Lacing

Crisscross Lacing for High Arches 

In the game, quick start-stop-start cycle can place an excessive amount of strain on your feet with high arches. This strain may lead you to discomfort and instability.

So, make sure that you are getting comfortable support during the game with this high-arch lacing style.

Steps of Lacing 

Step-1: Start your lacing by threading the lace from the bottom eyelets.

Make sure that both right and left side of the lace have equal length.

Step-2: Now, thread your right lace through the left eyelet and left lace through the right eyelet. This threading will create a crisscross “X” pattern.

Continue this pattern for the next two to three eyelets.

Step-3: When you reach at the center of the shoe skip two or three eyelets and keep going following the crisscross pattern until you reach at the topmost eyelet.

Maintaining a gap at the middle point of the shoes, will remove pressure on the top of your arch, and offer you the utmost comfort all over the game.

Final Step: Finally, tie and tuck the lace behind the tongue. It will help you to ease pressure on the bridge of your foot.

Lacing with Low Arches 

Having flat feet and low arches can be an advantage or a burden for you on the ground.

In one aspect, they are more flexible and lower to the surface and allow you for quicker cuts and freer movement.

Inversely, the impacts from the layup, rebound and jump build up over time cause strained arches, heel pain, and sore feet. But, with this lacing style, you can conquer all these pains.

Steps of Lacing

Step-1: Start the lacing by threading the shoelace through the bottom-most eyelets.

Equalize the size of the lace on both right and left the side for further lacing.

Step-2: Keep moving the lace through the left and right eyelets in popular crisscrossing “X” pattern all the way until you are in the topmost eyelets.

Step-3: Right now, thread each lace up to the front final eyelet directly instead of crossing. Once you have completed, threading the top last two eyelets, create a loop but don’t pull it tight.

Final step: At the last stage, cross the laces once more by threading the right lace through the left loop and left lace through the right loop.

Now you can pull tight to tie the laces in a double knot style.

This knot style results in a tight feel and a locked heel.

You can tighten the laces as long as you feel comfy and perfect.  After the knotting try to keep the remaining portion of laces short to prevent tripping.

Lacing Style for Casual Use of Basketball Shoes 

Sometimes the reason behind buying an expensive pair of basketball shoes is they can be worn casually too.

So, if you want to wear your shoes for the outing with friends, you can follow bellow following lacing style.

Steps of Lacing

Step-1: Start with any of the lace and feed the lace through the lowest two holes of the shoe. Make sure that, the lace facing inward toward the tongue of your shoe.

Step-2: Now pull the lace onward so that one side of it is slightly lengthier than the other side. Again, thread the shorter one through the opposite top-most eyelet keeping the lace facing away from the tongue of the shoe.

Step-3: Finally, take the leftover lace, which is longer and run it through the eyelets from side to side until you are on topmost eyelet.

If you can appropriately follow the steps, you will have horizontal laces with two pieces to tie at the top of the shoe. After tying the laces, you are all set to go.


In the beginning, you may find those lacing styles slightly difficult to follow, but after a few days, you will be master in them.

Once you become proficient in those styles, you can do it even keeping your eyes closed. Enjoy!

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