How to Spin A Basketball- You should Know Everythings

The spinning has a wide range of meanings. In general, it is an acrobatic act that has been done by the experts in the circus.

Spinning can be done in many ways, such as with rings, basketball, football and other lightweight objects.

The interesting fact about spinning is, by whatever object the spinning is done, it looks very stratifying to the audience.

Basketball spinning is one of the easiest forms of spinning, so if you want to learn how to do it, you can attain the skill easily.

Learning to spin is just a combination of a few steps and their regular exercises.

We are going to discuss those steps and provided some tips below that a newbie should follow to learn and master the spinning effectively.

Learn How to Spin A Basketball

Learn to Throw the Ball

I think you know that spinning means keeping the ball rotating on the fingertip. So, the first step for you is to learn how to position the ball on your finger.

To learn the positioning, you can practice throwing the ball upward at your head’s height or slightly upper than your face.

To do this, keep your both hand on the two opposite sides of the ball, then flick your hand and thumb to spin the ball throwing upward.

When you put pressure to spin the ball, make sure to complete the two motions at the same time in order to create an equal force on both sides of the ball.

Learn Safe Landing

At this stage, the basketball is in the air and your task is to ensure a safe landing of the ball. You can use your middle finger or a combination of any two fingers to land the ball on it.

Some of the basketball spinners use their nails to land and spin the ball, but in the beginning, you should use your fingers’ head to land the ball.

Because this part of the finger is smooth and helps the ball to be balanced.

Land the basketball in a way that your fingers’ head or nail is in the center of the ball groves. This is the best position to get the best control on the ball.

Also, this area has a free room for finger placement.

Learn Keep the Ball Spinning

When you can land the thrown ball safely on your fingertip, you should try to keep the ball revolving as long as you can.

The difference between an expert spinner and an amateur spinner is the duration of rotating. As a learner, you should monitor your spinning time, and every time set a new goal with a few extra seconds than previous sessions.

After a few seconds of safe landing, the basketball starts losing its initial speed. At this moment, you can keep the ball going by slapping with your reserved hand.  Don’t slap the ball too hard for fast spinning, it may lose its balance.

Basketball​ Spinning Tips

Here we are going to list down some tips for a new basketball spinner.

These tips will help you do your spinning successfully and safely.

  • If you want to learn to position the ball on the nail, you must trim the nail and maintain a standard size. If your nail goes longer than standard size, you may lose your balance at any point of spinning.
  • While landing the ball, ensure a soft and smooth contact between the ball and your finger. Sometimes newbies become excited and try to land the ball as fast as possible making hard contact with the ball. This kind of hard contact may cause your finger injuries like blooding and broken nail.
  • During your spinning, gradually low down your elbow from the landing position. When you do that, you will have better control on the ball and can spin it for a long time.
  • Keep the palm side of your hand just opposite your face. In the first few days of learning, you may find it unusual, but this is the best way to spin the basketball.
  • While practicing or learning, always maintain a safe distance between the ball and your face. Otherwise, you may be punched by your ball when you lose your balance.
  • Select a free space for spinning and practicing. It is recommended, especially when you are taking the lessons.Where you practice also must have ample room for moving, sometimes for running with the ball.

Summing Up

If you are a basketball player, I think you already know that you can attain any trick by consistent practice. This is the power of consistent practice!

So, you can also get good control over a rotating ball by consistent practice and can lengthen your time overtime as well.

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