How to Play Basketball- Step By Step Beginner Guide

If you studied the history of basketball, you would know that this game was invented to get both recreation and exercise benefits from a single game.

And, for these reasons after the first introduction, basketball always secured a place in most people’s favorite sports/games list.

If you love basketball and looking for a guide to know how this game is played, we are here to help you by providing the right guideline to start your journey.

What You Do Before Starting Playing Basketball

  • Know the Basic Rules

To play any game at the very first stage you have to learn the basic rules of the game. In the beginning, you can focus on learning rules of foul, scoring, substitution, timing and penalties. Only after knowing these rules you can start. Otherwise, in the ground, every decision of the referee will surprise you.

  • Finding the Ground

You can play cricket or football almost anywhere you want.

They just need an open free space. But, playing basketball needs some special arrangements. The basketball court has a limited length and width.

It is surrounded by two baskets one in the middle of each width. So, before starting, find out a good basketball ground near you.

If you are a student at any level, I hope your school already has its own basketball ground. Moreover, some national and local parks also have corners for basketball.

  • Get the Ball

Basketballs are usually available in three different sizes for different age groups. The sizes are youth, intermediate, and adult.

Balls are made of rubber materials and synthetic leather. You easily get them at any sporting equipment shop.

The most important thing you should consider before buying ball is, chose a ball that you can comfortably shoot without wobbling your wrist.

  • Break Down into Two Team

If you want to play a full-court game you must gather at least 10 players, 5 for each team. However, you can also play a half-court game with teams of three players each side. However, if you wish you can play the game dividing in both even and uneven team members.

  • Start Playing

Once you are divided into two teams, you can start the game by jumping the ball in the center of the court. When jumping the ball two players one from each team presence there.

What You Do After Starting Playing Basketball

  • Scoring

Of course, scoring or making points is the primary goal of the teams.

The team who scores more points wins the match. During the game, a team has to concentrate both attacking and defensive.

Normally, different players play different roles, either for scoring or for preventing the opponent from scoring.

Taking about the scoring, you can earn score that ranges from 1 to 3.

There is also a term called field goal. For scoring a field goal, you will get either 2 or 3 points, depending on the location you throw the ball to the basket.

  • Fouls

Anything that violets fair play policy of the game termed as fouls. For each foul is committed, the opponent team gets extra opportunities called penalties. Some common types of fouls are Hitting, Pushing, Slapping, Holding, and Illegal pick/screen.

  • Substitution

When you have more than on-court players you are allowed to substitute the on-ground players with the players on the bench. In an international match, you can substitute as many players as you want. Substitution is a good approach to revive the spirit of the team.

  • Dribbling and Passing

In basketball, your main target is to score points and you can do this by dribbling and passing.

The team has more expertise in dribbling and passing the ball in between the players, able to make more points.

If your team can maintain proper passing and good shooting accuracy your winning is on the card.

Throughout the game, if your team maintains good possession you will have more chance to basket the ball.

  • Play Like a Wall

What if you score a lot of points and also concede the same amount of points, the result will be zero. So all over the game keep acute concentration on the opponent players.

Bock their every attempt legally and prevent them from scoring.


Reading all those words and going through all the tips, you may think basketball is a tough one, but it is not true at all.

In the beginning, you may face some difficulties remembering the rules and tactics and often fail to basket the ball.

But as days pass away, you surely will shine. Keep failing, practicing and winning the match.

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