How to Palm A Basketball – Step by Step Guide

More firmly you can palm the ball, more control you will have on the ball. And more control means you can throw, dribble and pass the ball as you want.

The very first skill that a beginner should gain is to learn how to palm the basketball.

Because if you can’t hold the ball confidently in your hand, you are nothing on the ground.

Here we are going to unearth the approaches to palm the ball with the physical exercises that you need to do on the court.

So, if you are a beginner and want to improve your control over the ball, you will be benefited by following strategies and physical exercises.

How You Palm A Basketball

Step-1: Line Up ​​​​the Fingers 

Place your thumb on the middle grooves of the ball. While placing, line up all of your fingers on the grooves above the center groove.

You can palm the ball from any side but when you are in the learning stage, this way will be the best.

Don’t worry if you can’t stretch your pinky to the groove, just try your best to set the finger as close as possible.

Step-2: Grip the Ball

Try to grip the ball by pressing your thumb, index, middle and ring fingertips on the ball.

Basically, during the game, all the works of grabbing the balls are done by the fingertips. Once you got this gripping, your palm will not have much contribution to grip the ball during the match.

Step-3: Squeezing the Ball

Once you got the position, spend time squeezing your fingertips into the ball.

It will help you to strengthen your fingers. Do the squeezing using your both hands.

Step-4: Practice

After getting the balance on a constant ball, practice passing and throwing the ball. Remember to apply the palming technique every time you catch the ball until it comes naturally.

Exercises to Increase Your Fitness 

With an ordinary palm, you will hardly get control over the ball.

To get the full control, you have to do some physical exercises related to your palms that would strengthen your palm and help you control the ball however you want.

Practice Finger Stretches

Find a flat surface and place your both palms on it.

Stretch your fingers out on the surface as flat as possible. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds before moving on.

In the beginning, you may find palming down completely difficult for you, work on it. You will improve.

Claw Stretches

Release your hand in front of you. Now bend the fingers until your fingertips touch the base of your fingers joints.  This movement will resemble a claw.

Palms Stretching

Lay your hand palm-down on a flat ground spreading your fingers.

Try to stretch your pinky as out as possible. Lift your hand off from the surface keeping your fingers pushed onto the surface.

Thumb Stretching

Again, keep both of your hand free from the body.

Open up your fingers and try to spread your thumb as far as possible.

Keep touching the farthest part of your hand for 30-60 seconds.

With an interval, repeat this process.

Strength Your Grip

Find two 5lb plates and attach them together.

Now grip these plates only with your four fingers (without the thumb).

Hold this attachment for 20 seconds.

When 5lb weight will be easier for you, you can add more weight to it.

Besides these exercises, you can also do reverse curls, fingertip push up, pull-ups as your physical workouts.

This kind of exercises not only help you to palm the ball but also help you to stay active and energetic during the game.

Final Words

As a basketball player, to play well and be better than others, you need a good height and apt gripping palms. If your palms are wide, you may work less; if not, you should work on it consistently to get a good shape.

Just believe in you and start doing those exercises today. You will be able to palm the basketball like a pro in no time.

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