How to Inflate a Basketball Without a Needle

A flat basketball remarkably decreases your performance.

A flat basketball doesn’t match up with your movements.

Likewise, a basketball with more air inside makes it faster and you can’t build proper contact with the ball. So, inflating the exact amount of air inside the ball is necessary.

You can easily inflate your ball using a pump. You will get it in any sports shop. Sometimes ball and pump comes packed in a package. What if you don’t have a pump to inflate the ball?

Here we will help you learn 2 methods of inflating basketball without a needle. Before going to the process,let me explain how you can be sure that your ball is inflated properly.

Inflate Basketball with Enough Air 

You will get a clear idea whether your ball is under, over or properly inflated by just dropping the ball on the ground.

When you examine the air status, mark 3-point on the wall indicating 49-inch, 54-inch and 72-inch. When your indication is complete, drop the ball form 72-inch point and observe the ball how much it jumps. If the ball jumps somewhere between 49 to 54-inch, it’s OK.

On the other hand, if the ball jumps below the 49-inch point, it’s under pumped. And if the ball crosses the 54-inch mark,it is over inflated.

Based on the status, you can add or remove the air from the ball. Remove or add until the ball gets the perfect amount of air.

2 Methods of Inflating Without A Needle

Method-1: Using an Air Compressor

It is relatively an easy approach to inflate the basketball without a needle.

You can use the compressed air inside the canister to inflate your basketball.

You will need something that fits with the hole of the ball. Fortunately, the ball can itself comes with a straw that easily adjusts with the hole.

Now remove the plastic extender attached to the compressor. Dampen one end of the tube and insert it into the hole of the basketball.

Adjust the other end of the tube onto the air canister’s nozzle.

When the straw is perfectly attached, hold the handle of the compressor down.

Keep pushing down the handle with a 2-3 second interval until the ball is properly inflated.

Note: This type of inflating is expensive, and you may not able to inflate a totally flat ball with one compressor.

Method-2: Using the Ink Tube

Ink tube of your pen can also act as a substitution of the needle.

If you have an air pump but its needle is broken or damaged, you can apply this process to pump up your basketball.

To prepare the tube, you need to remove it from the pen. Make sure that all the ink has been drained out from the tube.

Don’t throw out the writing cap, keep it near you. It will help you to hold the makeshift needle when you insert it into the ball.

Then, cut a small piece of the tube using a pair of scissors and insert it into the writing cap.

In the next step, you have to make a ball tube. You can do that using a metal paper clip with plastic coating.

Take the metal paper clip and straighten it, then insert it into the ball’s hole.

When you insert the tube, make sure that you leave most part of the plastic tube inside the ball. To do this, cut around the outside end and pull out the metal.

Finally, place the capped needle into the plastic casing.

At this stage, you need someone’s help to hold the fragile contraptions together so that you can inflate the ball easily and quickly.

Final Words

Other than these two tricks, there are some other techniques that people use for themselves. However, I think if you are new, it would be better to buy an inflating pump for your ball.

Nevertheless, if you want to be free from all the hassle of inflating the ball with or without a pump, you can go for an Infusion ball.

Some renowned basketball manufacturers came up with a new technique to inflate the ball; the ball comes with an integrated rubber, with that you can both inflate and bring out the air from the ball easily whenever you want.

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