How to Get Good Grip on Your Basketball Shoes

Fear of falling down on the court is a common matter of conscious for a basketball player.

What if you lose your balance while taking the basket shot with precision? We know it’s irritating.

If you are balanced on the court, you can do any dribbling and pass the ball just as you want. And if you are a defender, you can also restrict your opponent with your quick stable movements from scoring against you.

However, various basketball freaks follow various tricks to get grip on the court. Here we are going to give you 5 effective gripping methods. Follow the set oconquer your fear and move on the ground like a king with full of swag.

How to Get Good Grip on Basketball Shoes

Dampen Cloth 

You can use the dampened cloth in two ways. One, if your team is the home team and hosting the match, your club authority can wipe all the court with a dampen brush just before the game. It will be good for both home and away teams.

Two, you can do it for yourself only. Store a dampen piece of cloth inside your bag, just before the starting of the match wipe the bottom of the shoes with it. For better benefit, do the same two times, before the game and in the interval.

Grip Enhancer 

Sticky mats and grip lotions can offer another two ways of getting grip on the ground.  Some basketball courts have sticky mats outside the court, players can enhance the grip of their shoes walking for few seconds on the mats.

In addition, you can apply a small amount of lotion on your shoes. Pour a small amount of lotion on a piece of cloth and wipe it around your shoe’s bottom.

Clean Regularly

Though basketball grounds are always arranged and clean, shoes are still affected by a considerable amount of dirt and dust. And those dust reduce the traction.

So, after every game, you should clean your shoes. If you only wear your shoes inside the court, it will take just 2 minutes.

Moisten Your Shoe Outsole

If you are middle of the game and realize that your shoes lost the grip, you can save yourself by moistening them. To moisten, many people just lick their hand and wipe the outsole of their shoes.Personally, I discourage this.

As an alternative of licking and wiping, you can spittle on the court and rub the spittle using your shoes. This process also revives the grip and is far better than licking.

Replacing Shoes

And the final way of getting grip is buying a new pair of shoes. Sometimes you may not get proper grip even though you dampen or wipe with lotion, at that time, you need to replace your existing pair of shoes with a brand-new one.

Tips for Maintaining the Grip 

  • Carry a piece of cotton cloth inside your bag.
  • Carry an extra towel for cleaning.
  • Reserved griping materials in your gaming kits. 
  • If possible, play and practice with a different pair of shoes.
  • Try to use your game shoes as less as possible.
  • Put on and put off the shoes only when you stay on the court.
  • Don’t let any dirt or dust stay long.
  • Buy shoes that have a good traction pad on the bottom sole.
  • Buy the right pair of shoes that fits you perfectly.

Last Words

Hope you will find those gripping strategies very beneficial to your performance on the court.

Moreover, you will get the best result of these methods if you use your shoes only for the basketball game.Wearing basketball shoes for going outside makes the bottom panel worn and sometimes it becomes totally unable to revive the grip.

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