How to Dribble a Basketball

The only goal of a basketball player is to score a goal, and dribbling increases the chance of scoring.

If you have good dribbling skill, you can dominate on the court.

Interestingly, there is no end to learning to dribble.

A beginner basketball player has to learn dribbling and a good player also has topractice forimproving his dribbling skills.

Step by Step Guide to Dribbling a Basketball

Step-1: Keep Your Head Up 

The first condition and most common mistake done by dribblers is they keep their eyes on the ball. Instead, always keep your eyes on the opponent keeping your head up.

At first, you may find it difficult to dribble the ball without looking at it, but this is the process and by practicing more often you can attain this skill.

Moreover, when you keep your head up, you can change your direction monitoring the opponent team players’ positions.

Step-2: Bend Your Knees

You can’t dribble the ball without bending your knees or inclining your body forward.

You should keep your knees bent to maintain a lower center gravity.

Try to push your body weight on the ball of your feet, not on your heels. And most importantly, your knees caps shouldn’t be covering your toes when you look down.

For more smart movements with the ball, you should position your keens squared out. Maintaining this pose, you can take a move in any direction without leaving your opponent any hint.

Step-3: Use Your Fingers Heads

When you dribble you should use your hands to make contact with the ball in such a way that you have good control over the ball.

In this respect. you should use your finger heads, not either your palm or the fingertips. Using heads, you can keep the ball bouncing without burning many calories.

Step-4: Spread Your Fingers Evenly

While you make contact with the ball, spread your fingers evenly over the ball.

Try to cover as much area as you can. This covering will allow you to control the ball movement very well.

At an early stage, some players have a tendency to keep their fingers together, and some other have hands and fingers to stiff.

Don’t do those. Just relax and spread the fingers.

Step-5: Get the Right Posture

Before you start dribbling make sure you are following these body stances:

  • Get in a low defensive posture.
  • Extent your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend your both knees dropping your hips back slightly.
  • Get your head up keeping the upper part of the body mostly straight.

If you can follow these postures, you are in the balanced foundation.

These stances also protect the ball from rival players while give you adequately mobility.

Step-6: Bounce the Ball on The Court 

Take the ball in your dominant hand and bounce it using your finger heads.

Bounce firmly, but not so hard which causes much arm strength and may trouble you to control the ball. The bouncing must be quick, steady and fully controlled.

Each time the ball returns in your hand, without grabbing, bounce it back on the court.

Every time you bounce the ball, it should hit the surface at a spot slightly to the side and ahead of your foot, that’s on the same side of your body as your dominant hand.

Step-7:  Moving with The Ball

For a successful dribbler, it is important to keep the motion of the ball under control.

Always try to keep the palm directly over the ball as you move so that the ball bounces back and forth just under your finger heads.Otherwise, you will lose the ball possession.

If you follow it, you can travel to any corner of the court with the ball.

Step-8: Bounce Low

The shorter and the quicker you can bounce the ball you will have minimal chance of losing the possession.

And the opponent players will hardly get any chance to steal your ball.

Step-9:  Dribble Carefully

During the game, the way you dribble the ball should be based on the positioning of the opponent defenders.

When you are in a free zone, you can dribble in front of you so that you can run fast with the ball.

Moreover, when you are near defensive players, bounce the ball on your side, just outside and ahead of your shoes.

If you bounce this way, defenders will have to reach across your body to catch the ball.

Step- 10: Keep Eyes on The Opponents

Keep yourself between the ball and opponent while dribbling.

This trick allows you defend opponent defender keeping the ball possession safe in your hand.

Last Words

Ball slap, pound dribble, dribble through legs, freestyle and side v-dribble are few types of dribbling those basketball freaks do on the ground.

If you have gone through all the steps, we think you have already got enough idea about the dribbling and you can accomplish any dribbling skills using those basics steps.

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