How to Become a Basketball Coach

Some of us love to play. And some others enjoy making game plans and strategies.

A basketball coach is a person who knows all the rules, capable of taking a quick decision, able to bring out the best performance from the team players by his supervision and game plan.

Whether basketball is your passion, or you want to take coaching as your profession, this ultimate guide is for you.

We answered the question and gave a step-by-step guideline for starters. Let’s jump in!

First Stage of Being a Coach: Learning

Getting A Bachelor’s Degree

If you are already an experienced basketball player, you may not need academic knowledge to be a coach.

However, who is not from basketball background is advised to take a bachelor’s degree in exercise and physical education.

You can also take the degree program that is specialized in coach training. These programs teach you how to work with athletes and make an effective game plan.

Watch Basketball

It’s a very common suggestion but important too.

Watching a lot of basketball matches, you can gather vast knowledge about basketball.

When you watch the game don’t watch like a random fan just to enjoy it, try to find out some lessons from every game.

Know About the Rules

You have to memorize and learn practical implication of each and every rule of the inside and outside of the court. Also, know about the national and international events of basketball and their procedures.

Analyze the Winning Teams’ Strategies

When you watch a game live or on YouTube after the match, try to sort out what let the team win. You can discuss the game plan with your mentors.

The discussion will make a clearer understanding of every point.

  • Find Out the Reason Behind Defeat

Also, try to find the reasons behind the defeat.

You can also keep all the reasons noted down in your notebook.

Among the wrong strategies, sort out the defensive wrongs and attacking wrongs.

Learn to Motivate

A good coach is also a good motivator. Learn how to motivate players when they will be broken after a debacle.

Motivation works both to rejuvenate the players after being defeated badly, and to work as a team for the greater purpose.

When a team is well motivated, it prioritizes the team’s success rather than personal success.

Second Stage of Being a Coach:Getting a Coaching Job

When you gather enough knowledge about basketball, you have to look for a position to exercise your lessons.

You can either join as head coach for a team in a low competitive basketball league or can join as an assistant coach of a high profile team.

To me joining as an assistant coach is better.

Being an assistant coach, you will feel less pressure and can flourish independently.

When you engage with a high profile team, you will get some awesome tricks and tactics that are hardly widely discussed in degree syllabus.

Besides,you will have a genius coach to teach you and help to identify your mistakes.

Third Stage of Being a Coach: Starting Own Coaching Career

  • Designing Own Plan: A good coach harvests the seed of his own creative game plan when he starts learning. After getting the job, your first job will be setting a basic game plan that will utilize your team strength properly.
  • Keep Your Dressing Room Well:Maintain a good relationship with the players and your assistance. And, work as a team to tackle any hurdle always.
  • Explore Yourself:Learn from every mistake you do, and don’t repeat the same. Even after a good winning match, find out what would make the good winning match a great one.
  • Be Updated:Don’t just focus on your own plan, focus on the opponent also. Always keep yourself updated with the ever-changing world and all the new strategies and rules.

Final Words

Basketball is one of the most widely played sports.

People from all around the world enjoy playing this game. Many countries also have age wise basketball team.

So, if your dream is to be a basketball coach, you are in a very safe zone with a lot of opportunities around the world.

Like all other sports, you have to learn consistently and have to practice, practice and practice in basketball too. Just believe you can and start today!

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