How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Basketball?

It’s true that basketball is more than just a game.

It acts like an excellent aerobic exercise that helps you burn a significant number of your calories.

One may think that there are a lot of activities that also help us to burn calories, then why should I choose basketball?

Well, the best part of burning calories by playing basketball is it’s not only an exercise,but it’s also a way of entertainment.

Running, walking, cycling are three favorite exercises for reducing body fat, but at a certain time, they become boring and hard to continue.

On the other hand, I bet playing basketball is always exciting and enjoyable.

How Many Calories? Determining Factors

‘How many calories do you burn playing a basketball game’ totally differs from person to person, situation to situation.

Here we will discuss some factors those determine how much calories you will burn after a match.

Playing Time

This is pretty much obvious that the longer time you spent in the court the more calories you will burn.

So, if you want to burn more calories, you should spend more time playing not sitting or resting on the bench. It will be better if you play more than one match a day.

Nature of The Game 

You know basketball can be played in both half court and full court format.

A half-court match is played following 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 formations. And a full court match is played following 4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5 formations.

So, if you play a full court game, you are bound to run more and thus lose more of your energy.

Intensity of The Game

The intensity or the competitive nature of the game will help you burn more calories even playing for less time.

Because a competitive game requires more attention and activeness of the players.

You will burn more calories in a competitive match like a match of any tournament, especially if the match is your team’s do or die match.

So, if you take basketball as your daily dose of exercise, you can play some competitive game rather than playing a friendly match.

Playing Role and Activities

Sometimes your role in the game creates a chance for you to be very active around the game. For example, a defensive player has to run less than an attacking player.

Moreover, every basketball game includes some activities like running with or without the ball, sprinting, jumping (rebounding, dunking), throwing the ball (assisting), shooting the ball to the basket, guarding fighting in the paint and throwing for the ball (hustle).

The more you do those activities the more you can contribute to your team success and also burn more calories.

Body Weight 

This is another good aspect of the basketball game.

If you weigh more, you will be able to lose more calories than a person who weighs less than you by playing in the same basketball match.

Actually, an overweight person needs to lose more.

This can be a motivation for an obese person too. As in the beginning, an obeseperson loses his weight rapidly and this rapidness helps him to stick to the exercise.

Once he falls in love with it, he will be able to continue it even if he loses less than before.

General Calculation of Calorie Burning

Here we are going to make a chart that displays the number of calories a person will lose if he has a certain weight.

Please keep in mind that the chart is made assuming the game is a mid-intensity game.

If you weigh 120 Pounds

5 Minutes – 26 Calories

10 Minutes – 52 Calories

20 Minutes – 104 Calories

30 Minutes – 156 Calories

60 Minutes – 312 Calories

If you weigh 150 Pounds

5 Minutes – 36 Calories

10 Minutes – 72 Calories

20 Minutes – 143 Calories

30 Minutes – 214 Calories

60 Minutes – 429 Calories

If you weigh 200 Pounds

5 Minutes – 52 Calories

10 Minutes – 104 Calories

20 Minutes – 208 Calories

30 Minutes – 312 Calories

60 Minutes – 624 Calories

If you weigh 250 Pounds

5 Minutes – 68 Calories

10 Minutes – 136 Calories

20 Minutes – 273 Calories

30 Minutes – 410 Calories

60 Minutes – 820 Calories

Final Words

If you really want to play basketball for burning your extra calories, you can make a game roster for yourself.

During your schedule preparation, keep the above-mentioned factors in your mind.

Finally, set your daily, monthly and yearly goal and start playing basketball.

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