How High Is a Basketball Hoop?

If you are familiar with basketball history, you probably know that basketball was introduced as a means of an exciting game.

And scoring is the most exciting moment of the game.

In basketball, every successful throw to the hoop counts as a point. The height of hoop is an important factor for scoring points.

In the beginning, Mr. Smith, the founder of basketball, established the hoop 10 feet high from the ground which is the initial height of a basketball hoop.

Later, to make basketball exciting and enjoyable for every age of people, the height has been customized. This customization happens mainly analyzing the players’ age group and ability.

How This Height Arrived and Survived  

The customization of hoop height happened years later of the establishment.

But from the beginning to before the customization, the height of every kind of basketball hoop was 10 feet.

When the very first basketball game was played, Mr. Smith determined the initial height, but later people opposed him.

After the initial determination, a lot of the complaints against the 10 feet height were made but all were unsuccessful.

Later, in 2008 the debate arises with a new dimension in NBA all-star slam dunk competitions. There Dwight Howard, a 6 ft. 11 inch. Player, proposed to raise the hoop by two feet. He did this because some comparatively short height players claimed that he gets some advantage. Also claimed that his height was the reason behind his incredible dunking ability.

However, also this time NBA didn’t pay any attention to it. And still the height remains 10 feet high from the court.

The Height of NBA League

It has been almost 125 years since the inception of game basketball happened.

But NBA still follows the same height rule that was fixed by Mr. James Smith.Which is 10 feet high from the surface.

During this long journey players, coaches and some experts suggested increasing the height by 1 foot or 2 feet. But NBA always remains solid to its decision.

The Height of Hoop for High and Middle School Players

The standard height of the high school hoop is also 10 feet.

From the beginning, the hoop height was the same for each group of age. Later the American Sports Education Program (ASEP) recommends different heights for different young age persons.

The ASEP schedules 4 different rim height that starts with 6 feet and ends with the universal 10 feet height. The heights are:

  • 6 feet rim height for the age group of 5 to 7 year.
  • 8 feet rim height for the age group of 8 to 10 year.
  • 9 feet rim height for the age group of 11 years.
  • 10 feet rim height for the age group of 12 years and older.

However, one may find the 10 feet height for 12 years’ boys will be difficult as all of the boys of this age may not be tall.

But the truth is it will be better for those boys who want to be a basketball player in the future. Because basketball is not just a game of best scoring players or a game of tall players, everyone has to play as a team.

And a team may have both tall and comparatively short players. Getting used to standard height from a very young age they will be able to play good basketball for their teams.

Basketball Sizes 

Many young basketball players dream of playing like LeBron James, throwing alley-oops, dunking the basketball, scoring 3-pointers and winning the game on the eleventh hour.

To make all those dreams happen they need to practice with the right size of the ball.

Otherwise, in the beginning, they may feel demotivated when they are unable to control the ball properly.

Here are the basketball sizes for different age groups:

  • size 7 ball for the 12 or older people.
  • size 6 ball for the boys 9 to 12 and girls 9 or older.
  • size 5 ball for the boys and girls 9 and under.

Summing Up

By conquering all the criticism of experts, coaches, players and even some fans the height of competitive basketball hoop is still unchanged. It’s a kind of tribute to the founder himself.

And the mesmerizing part is, around 125 years ago, Mr. Smith realized how much the rim height should be fair for the players with different heights.

Actually, Smith understood a team only with good height can’t win a match. At the end of the day, techniques and performance shout loud.

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