Best Basketball Socks Reviews 2022 and Buying Guide

A basketball player wears socks for getting extra cushion and support from his feet to perform well during the match.

But, sometimes these same socks become a matter of irritation, especially when they fit loosely and raise the temperature of the feet.

Whether a pair of socks will be blessing or matter of irritation, it totally depends on you.

Yes, you heard it right, when you can choose the best basketball socks that resemble your needs, you will have some sweet moments wearing those on the court.

Inversely, your investment of getting some extra comfort and support can be completely wasted, also a reason for attention distraction during your precise shooting or dribbling, if you choose the wrong pair.

Nevertheless, an experienced basketball player hardly chooses the wrong socks for him, by contrast, a novice buyer hardly can buy the best available in the market. To help all experience level buyers, here we have written this content.

If you are an experienced buyer who knows quite about basketball socks, yet you will have a list of 10 best pairs of basketball socks as options for your next purchase.

And, if you are a novice, you not only get the list of the bests, but also get a comprehensive buying guide and a FAQ section that will guide you throughout the journey of buying the best socks for your upcoming basketball matches.

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10 Best Basketball Socks Reviews

From thousands of basketball pairs and hundreds of manufacturers, we have enlisted these 10 pairs of socks from 8 different providers.

These are the socks that have been fulfilling basketball players’ expectations of comfort and support with their design and benefits.

1. Basketball Sock by Chalk Talk Sports

Basketball Sock By Chalk Talk Sports

A mom named ‘Julie’ founded the company Chalk Talk in 1995 with a product line of hockey and lacrosse t-shirts.

Later, Julie’s husband and her two sons also joined with her to shape their beloved women’s inception as one of the finest sports manufacturers of the world. With their passion and dedication, they finally got that place.

Right now, they design and manufacture unique products for over 25 sports.

This pair of Chalk Talk sports socks can be the playing partner of you for any tournament.

They have a classic design, made of top-grade materials, and will ensure you a secure supportive fitting around the tournaments.

And most importantly, wearing the socks you always will be fresh, calm, and odor-free during the game.

Key Benefits and Benefits

  • Moisture Wicking Technology

Sweat is totally unexpected to a basketball player, sometimes it hampers the performances. But, here the socks are featured with moisture-wicking technology, as a result, these socks will soak the sweat and dry the underneath skin faster to keep the player always cool and calm.

  • High-Quality Socks

The socks are the product of acrylic, nylon and spandex. This combination of three materials gives the socks a good look and ensures comfortable wearing for the user around the games and practice sessions.

Moreover, as all those three materials are known for good durability, you can wear these socks without any issues for a long time.

  • Secure Fitting

Without secure fitting, a user won’t enjoy the coziness of the socks, also the socks will unable to provide enough support for the users.

Along with the comfortability and durability, buying the socks you will find the socks are supremely supportive and stable on their position, they never go off.

  • Classic Look

The good look does not contribute to the performance of the player directly, but it creates a satisfying vibe for the player as long as he wears the socks.

And the good thing is, here all the benefits we have described this sportswear, come with the warp of a classic black and white look.

2. Chalktalk Sports Basketball Socks

Chalktalk Sports Basketball Socks

The brand Chalk Talk is the result of the effort of a family for whom playing sports was not just a pastime, rather a lifestyle.

Later, they commercialized their lifestyle by producing quality sportswear for the sports-loving people around the world.

As a token of trust to Chalk Talk’s products here, we enlisted our first two products from the same manufacturer.

These navy and neon orange basketball socks will add some brightness to your performance during the match.

Just like the previous pair, these socks also own the trademark features of Chalk Talk. Wearing the socks, you will enjoy secure fitting, comfy staying, and solid durability in a bright and vibrant way.

Key Benefits and Benefits

  • Durable Design

Just like our previous pick, these socks are also a combined result of three solid materials named acrylic nylon and spandex, where acrylic leads the portion with 80 percent of the total materials. So, purchasing this pair of socks you will get some high-quality performances for a long time.

  • Fresh Socks Every Time

Socks are featured with an air-circulating ventilation blend, which is also known as moisture wicking technology.

Having this facility, the socks dry measurably faster and minimize the chances of spreading odors. As a result, all around the playing time, you will enjoy the freshness of your socks.

  • Secure Fitting

If your socks do not fit with your feet securely you can’t run or jump with confidence, which ultimately affects your game performance.

To ensure a secure fitting of the socks, the manufacturer produced the socks with solid materials that not only ensure the long performance also care for cozy fitting.

  • Easy to Take Care

Being fresh around the game is an indirect factor of playing good during the game.

An easy to clean pair of socks helps the user in this way.

Here the Chalk Talk socks are machine washable and dryable.

Thus, wearing a fresh clean pair of socks will be just a matter of a few minutes for you.

3. NIKE Dry Elite Basketball Socks

NIKE Dry Elite Basketball Socks

Nike is a USA based manufacturer that doesn’t need any introduction to a sports person or lover. It’s a name that people know as another word of quality and performance.

In 1964 the brand has started its journey of manufacturing quality products.

Till now they are doing their same job with other sister concerns around the globe.

Here is a pair of socks from the Nike with superior support for the basketball players.

Actually, the ability to provide superior support and performance for the users made the way for these Nike socks to be enlisted in our list.

The features behind this support and performance are arch compression, comfy inside, sweat absorbing, ribbed cuff, left/right specific design, and crew-cut styles. Overall, this is a pair with a bundle of benefits that a basketball player asks for.

Key Benefits and Benefits

  • Solid Durability

Durability matters for any pair of socks. As the socks have to survive in continuous sweaty condition match after match, they must be durable enough.

To make sure that users of this pair of socks get maximum durability, Nike used a blend of three key manufacturing materials called polyester, nylon, and cotton. In this amalgamation, polyester dominates the proportion.

  • Comfortable to Wear

In every situation, the socks will be comfortable for their users. Also, when the socks will be soaked with sweat users’ feet still will be in a comfy state.

In both cases, Dri-FIT technology does the job of comfortability, it keeps the feet dry both before the game and during the game.

  • Secure Fitting

If you can find the best size for your feet, then you surely will get the perfect fit from these socks. Moreover, these socks also feature Y-heel stitching, that provides a snug, secure fit without slippage for the user.

  • Extra Supportive

Having this pair of socks, you will get just more than secure fitting. Because here the socks also have supportive arch compression and ribbed cuff.

Which mean the socks will adjust perfectly even with the uneven (arch) part of your feet and provide you some extra supportive room for tackling difficulties of the game with ease.

4. MadSportsStuff Basketball Crew Socks

MadSportsStuff Basketball Crew Socks

Mad Sports Stuff is an online athletic wear brand who truly love what they do to satisfy their customers.

The team believes, they were a small manufacturer but people’ love enabled them to grow large.

In response to this enormous love, Mad Sports Stuff also determines to provide the best products that are fun, fashionable and affordable to the buyers and users.

This is a pair of socks from Mad Sports that mainly produced for the basketball players with a printed basketball on them.

A two-color combination design has been done all over the socks. Besides the performance features like secure fitting, comfy inside, there are some other features that will take care of your feet too, such as ankle compression for reducing fatigue, blister control, and antimicrobials control.

Key Benefits and Benefits

  • Odor Controlling

During both practice session and the game, players tend to sweat, and the amount of sweat increases as the game rolls on to the first half to the final half.

When the socks are fully soaked with sweat there is a chance of odor emitting from the socks.

To keep the users fresh, Mad Sports manufactured these socks with a technology that prevents the odor from spreading.

  • Ergonomic Cushion

The opening to the ending of the socks is full of comfortable fabric that provides maximum comfort for the users.

Additionally, in the toe portion of the socks, there is an extra cushioning room for the users’ toes. This room will ensure a happy placement of your heel in the shoes.

  • Breathable Mesh

Socks are made of breathable mesh fabric. Having this breathability, the socks will be able to ensure smooth airflow inside of the socks.

And when your feet will get proper air from the outside, there will be no moisture on your feet, you can feel dry skin all over the playing time.

  • Double Welt Top

A secure fitting of the socks is always expected. In these socks, the manufacturer used a double welt top design for the best adjustment of the socks with the users’ feet.

As the top has a double layer of the welt, even if you wear the socks lower than the normal height, they will attach with the feet tightly.

5. Mad Sports Stuff Basketball Socks

Mad Sports Stuff Basketball Socks

You already got that Mad Sports Stuff is a team of some passionate persons who are consistently replying people trust and love through producing affordable and fashionable products. This pair of socks is a visible form of their passion and innovation.

This time Mad Sports brings you a pair of socks that will add a vibrant and fresh touch to your practice and playing sessions.

Socks are crew length (hits mid-calf) and come in many color combinations, from where you can choose one that you love. And most interestingly, you can enjoy all the benefits of the socks whether you are a boy or a girl, these are made for all.

Key Benefits and Benefits

  • Solid Durability

Purchasing a durable pair of socks, you can go a long way wearing that single pair of socks.

To make sure that the users of Mad Sports socks get long service owing just a single pair of socks, the producer produced these socks with a blend of some authentic fabric materials.

Which includes, 77 percent of Polypropylene, 17 percent of nylon, 3 percent of Elastic and 3 percent of Lycra Spandex.

  • Design for Basketball Players

Anyone sees the socks surely can assume that the socks are exclusively designed for the basketball players.

Actually, the design of the socks portraits who are the target users of the socks. The design includes a printed basketball and a proper combination of two different colors.

  • Healthy Pair of Socks

Alongside caring about the performance of the players, the socks have features that will take care of the health of the users too.

Wearing the socks, you can reduce the chances of blister, fatigue and growing bacteria on your feet.

  • A Perfect Comfort Pack

The overall structure of the socks will provide you comfy room for staying hour after hour.

Along with this, you will get some extra support from the heel cushioning, arch compression zone, and from the double welt top layer.

6. Nike Unisex Dry Cushion Crew Training Socks

Nike Unisex Dry Cushion Crew Training Socks

Our second pick from the sports giant who redefined the meaning and appearance of athletic items around the world.

Nike is a brand who earned persons love and trust and are upholding those love and trust by delivering some high-end innovative sportswear, sports items, and other accessories.

Using these socks, you will feel their innovation and brilliance too.

A pair of socks should be comfy so that the user can stay into them for a long time at straight. Nike realized the need for comfortability and made this pair of unisex socks with Dri-FIT technology.

This technology will help you to stay dry and relaxed around the clock into your favorite socks.

Moreover, the socks also feature a cotton blend structure, half-cushion terry foot protection, and right-left specification.

Key Benefits and Benefits

  • A Common Choice

This pair of Nike socks is a common choice for everyone, this is a unisex pair of socks.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you are men or woman you can put these in your bucket list.

Moreover, even if you are looking for some bulk number of socks as the uniform of your basketball academy, this can be an ideal choice.

  • Super Supportive

Even from a mid-range quality pair of socks, you will get good support, as the nature of the socks is to provide support for the users.

But wearing these, your arch will get some additional support from your socks.

Here the socks come with the arch compression facility, especially for providing dedicated arch support.

  • Socks Identification

Now even in a hurry, you can choose the right socks for your right/left foot.

This is a common and irritating problem we face while we are wearing socks.

This time the producer specified the socks with a sign so that you can easily identify them for your feet.

  • Long Time Usability

You can wear them for month after month. To ensure longer life of the socks, the manufacturer designed the socks with reinforced heel and toe.

Actually, these are the area where the socks have to bear more pressure.

7. Mumubreal Men’s Basketball Socks

Mumubreal Men's Basketball Socks

Mumubreal is not a large manufacturer like our previous brands.

They are just an online retail store who are selling quality swimwear and sportswear with trust and accolades around the e-commerce spaces.

Basically, analyzing individuals’ positive views on Mumubreal’s products, we are suggesting these socks for basketball persons.

This time our pick is exclusively for the men basketball players, so if you are a male and looking for a pair of socks that resemble males’ needs, you can consider these.

Mumbreal manufactured these shocks with a blend of cotton, nylon, and spandex, where cotton leads the mixture.

Apart from the comfy inside, for the male players, the manufacturer also included a reinforced heel and toe design for longer use of the socks.

Key Benefits and Benefits

  • Provide Fresh Feeling

In a normal case, after playing or practicing for a few minutes’ basketball players start sweating, and because of this sweat, he feels uncomfortable to run, jump, dribble.

However, anyone wearing these socks will feel fresh around the game, because these socks are facilitated with moisture wicking technology.

  • Super Comfortability

Almost 80 percent of the blend that is used to manufacture these socks are cotton, and we everybody know that cotton can provide maximum room for relaxed staying.

Additionally, the cotton has air-circulating ventilation channels too. In combination, you will experience solid comfort as long as you will be inside of the socks.

  • Compression Fitting

These socks are featured with arch compression fitting technology. This feature hugs feet tightly and keeps socks in place.

As a result, you will feel extra support in your arch. Also, whether you are high arch, normal, arch, or low arch person, in every case the socks will fit with the feet tightly.

  • Standard Design

Shocks feature a two-color standard design. The design includes a straight line with 4 gaps on the back.

This straight line, gaps, heel, and toe-beneath portions have the same color.  Also, you will have a good number of options to choose from.

8. HUSO Unisex Fashion Digital Printing Sports Socks

HUSO Unisex Fashion Digital Printing Sports Socks

Huso a retailer who are dedicated to delivering fashionable and quality socks for different sports players. Huso is a niche-based retailer who only deals with the socks.

Their socks’ collection includes basketball socks, cycling socks, hiking socks, tennis socks, running socks, and other age and gender-based socks.

As they are a focused socks retailer they know what people expect and deliver considering those requirements.

Basketball players irrespective of gender who like vibrant color and fancy design can go for these Huso digital print socks.

This single pair of socks also can be used as their hiking socks. These are unisex socks, but you have to choose the design depending on your gender identity.

Here the seamless stitching toe design won’t injure your feet, rather promotes comfort and eliminates abrasion & foot stress.

Key Benefits and Benefits

  • Moisture Controlling

The entire socks are manufactured with breathable fabric materials, which means your skin under the socks will get proper airflow from the outside.

As a consequence, your feet will be fresh and dry around the clock. Additionally, even if you sweat during the game the socks will wick the sweat away.

  • Fresh Feeling Every Time

The breathable fabric will ensure smooth air circulation at the same time the Dri-fit feature will absorb the sweat if it appears.

Thus, as long as you are in wearing the socks, your feet will free from any kind of odor.

  • Comfortable Design

These socks are made of an amalgamation of 55 percent polyester 15 percent spandex 21 percent elastic 9 percent cotton and have lightly padded design at the hell and toe.

This combination of production materials and padded design will ensure your comfortable staying before, during, and after the game.

  • Secure Fitting

A secure-fitting pair of socks positively affects the performance of a basketball player.

This time anyone wears these socks will get a secure fitting.

The manufacturer designed these with arch support and durable stripe construction on the sole.

Just other than secure fitting you can be stable on your shoes wearing the socks too.

9. Adidas Traxion Menace Football/Basketball Crew Socks

Adidas Traxion Menace Football/Basketball Crew Socks

You have heard the name of an industry leader Nike, here let us introduce you another name that almost every time pronounce with the brand Nike, the Adidas.

Adolf Dassler is the name behind this one of the top sports gears and wears producers in the world.

Like the Nike, because of their growing popularity, they are fulfilling people needs with some other their sister enterprises with ease for around 70 long years.

Just after bringing you a fancy pair of socks here we come up with a standard designed pair of socks from the sports giant Adidas.

The socks come with agronomical protective design, compressive leg and arch compression, anatomically shaped ‘Left/Right’ footbed, and overall the NCAA approval to support your performance on the ground.

And finally, you can choose your color of all those benefits from a range of color arrangement.

Key Benefits and Benefits

  • Specialized Socks

Adidas designed these socks, especially for some laborious sports.

A person playing sports with the socks will enjoy maximum comfort while running, jumping, attacking the opponent.

Here the socks included Adidas trademark climalite technology that helps to keep the players cool and dry even in an intense playing situation.

  • One for Many

According to the title these are basketball socks, but you can use them for playing other sports, like baseball, football, etc. Here the socks acquired all the features that a pair of football/baseball socks should have.

And, you will also find them your performance friendly during the game.

  • Provide Excellent Grip

There is a Traxion ultra-cushioned zone in the socks that provides protection where you need it most.

The feature also contributes to increasing grip and stability.

Moreover, during a game when a player gets proper grip and stability he can showcase his skill on the ground with precision.

  • Moisture Wicking Technology

Whether you play basketball, football, or baseball, after a few minutes of starting you will start sweating.

To deal with this sweat and odor that emit from the emission of sweat, the producer enabled moisture-wicking technology in these socks.

So even though you sweat, you will be out of odor.

10. Under Armour Mens Drive Basketball Crew Socks

Under Armour Mens Drive Basketball Crew Socks

Under Armour is another well-chatted name in the discussion of athletics and sports lovers, as their favorite manufacture of footwear, sports, and casual apparel.

In 1996 Mr. Kevin Plank founded the brand, who himself was a football player, so he knew well what a sportswear manufacturing brand should do to satisfy the customer.

Since the beginning, as the year passes, the manufacturer comes up with a new challenge for them to get even closer to the customer through innovative ideas and products.

Let’s finish this review with something amazing.

This pair of Under Armour socks have a very different yet smart look that will draw any basketball lovers’ attention with their first impression.

The socks look like a 3D printed pair of socks. Here every part of the socks has its own depth to provide comfortable, secure, and longtime service for their users.

Key Benefits and Benefits

  • Strategic Cushioning

These Under Armour socks come with a strategic cushioning system.

This feature will deliver flexibility and breathability for the inside feet.

As a result, users’ time inside these socks will be full of coziness and relaxation, which ultimately positively affect the performance of the users.

  • Perfect Anatomical Fit

Secure fitting also has an affirmative impact on the players’ performances. Wearing these Under Armour’s socks you will definitely get this.

Here the manufacturer provided ergonomic contour technology as a means of ensuring expected attachment of the socks.

  • Sweat Controlling

Socks are made of a mixture of nylon, polyester, cotton, and spandex where almost half is polyester.

And, this mixture of fabrics is powered with sweat-absorbing technology. So, if a player gets sweaty during his match or practice session, the socks will absorb the sweat and give him a dry and cool feeling for the rest of the match.

  • Longtime Usability

Almost 80 percent of these socks are made of nylon and polyester, and we all know that these two are popular for providing solid durable performance for any sports wearing.

So, buying these socks you too can expect a long time of use.

Basketball Buying Guide: What to Consider?

As we mentioned, an experienced buyer may not need any guide to select the best, but a novice buyer needs a guide for choosing the best among the thousands of good and better.

If you are a novice basketball shocks buyer, in this section we will work as your guide and help you to know what you should consider before you make the buying decision.

A pair of socks that is best for one may not even good for others because everyone has individual fashion sense.

So, it will not be wise to tell you to consider some fixed factors for you. However, here we have discussed all the factors that a buyer should consider, but you can overlook or prioritize any factor depending on your personal preference.


Considering the measurement of a pair of socks includes the size of the socks and the gender identification of the socks, means whether for male or female the socks are made.

Though for unisex socks, gender identification is not needed. But for other socks, you have to consider it.

Because normally women socks are designed colorfully and have different width and height. Moreover, if you don’t buy the right size socks, it doesn’t matter how well they are made, you won’t feel confident wearing them.

When you buy, you can easily decide which are male socks and which are female just seeing them, but for getting accurate size socks, you have to know your feet well.

If you are buying socks for the first time, you can go to a physical shop to get your size, in this regards the sales person will help you.

But the satisfying fact is, as the socks are adjustable one can easily get a comfortable fitting from a pair of socks that is slightly smaller or larger than the expected size.


When you wear socks and they fit comfortably with your feet, your time inside the socks will be enjoyable and you will get extra support from your feet.

Additionally, it is also necessary to be in a comfortable state wearing sports gears during an important basketball match.

Because when a player becomes happy with his gears, he can solely concentrate on his running, jumping, dribbling, tackling, and attacking.

The comfortability of a pair of basketball socks largely depends on the blend that has been used as fabric to manufacture the socks.

Cotton, polyester, spandex, nylon are four common materials that have been used in the mixture.

Almost all the mixtures, cotton and polyester own the largest proportion. However, the cotton leading blend is more comfortable than the polyester, but the latter is more durable.

Breathability of The Fabric

Whether it is your practice or intense basketball match, you will be sweating just after a few minutes of starting, you can’t avoid this uncomfortable situation.

But, if your socks’ fabrics are breathable then you can be relaxed some extra minutes than a normal socks user.

Breathable fabrics allow the outside air to flow through the fabrics to soothe the skin under the socks.

DRI-FIT is a technology that is used in nowadays socks, which mainly work for establishing an air circulation between the skin and outside environment.

Also, breathable mash designed socks are able to provide this facility for the users.

Odor Controlling

Running and jumping during the game make us sweaty, and this sweat leads the socks to the odor.

But the socks with odor-controlling facility prevent the socks from the possibility of smelling bad and maintain a fresh vibe for the users all over the game.

Sweat-wicking technology has been using widely to the socks for this odor management. Having this, socks themselves can absorb the sweat and ensure a cool and dry inside for the users’ skin.

Machine Washable Socks

Normally socks are easy to wash and dry. As they are small and lightweight in size, it takes just a few minutes to wash them.

There are few socks that can be cleaned in the washing machine, which takes comparatively less time than manual cleaning.

However, as both cleaning just a matter of a few minutes, you can ignore this factor if you wish.

Length of The Socks

Probably you know that socks are available in different length mostly for the adults’ male and female.

Nowadays, there are some super short socks that only cover the part just below the ankle.

However, here also you are free to choose the length of the socks as you would like to wear for playing a match.

FAQ about Basketball Socks

Throughout this section, we have answered some common questions that are asked by both buyer and users.

So, whether you are a new user or an experienced one hopefully you will find our answers informative.

Question-1:  Can I use my basketball socks for other purposes?

Answer: Most of the time, yes you can use them, but sometimes it also depends on what type/ design socks you have.

However, you can comfortably use them for playing baseball or football. Moreover, if you own any super short pair of socks you can use them for your casual usages too.

Question-2: How much height should I prefer for my basketball socks?

Answer: As we said, there are different height socks available in the market, so it’s basically up to your preference how much height will you feel comfortable to wear and play.

However, we can give you a suggestion regarding this, as basketball is a high impact game long height socks will work better for you because the surroundings of the socks also work as shin guard for the players.

Question-3: Do basketball socks provide warmth?

Answer: In short, they don’t. Basketball, as well as any baseball, football socks, are made with ample room for air circulation to keep the players dry and cool, so wearing these socks you will get at most a little bit of warmth.

Question-4: Is it okay to wear a pair of socks more than once before washing?

Answer: You can use the same pair of socks for 2 to 3 training sessions without washing them if you don’t do any high impact training during your practice sessions. But, for a competitive game, you shouldn’t do so. You will not get the same amount of support from an unwashed pair of socks like washed socks. On the hand, a pair of fresh, cleaned socks before every match will add some positive vibe to your performance and confidence.

Question-5: what happens when I wear my left socks to right and right to left?

Answer:  It’s a common problem that users face especially when they are in a hurry for their university, office, or for reaching training session on time. Basically, wearing socks interchangeably won’t hurt your feet, but you will not get proper support.

For example, when you wear left socks to your right foot, then the heel, arch, and toe part of the socks won’t be placed according to your foot structure.

As a result, you won’t feel perfect cushioning and support. However, nowadays most of the manufacturers identify the socks so that users can identify them easily for accurate wearing.

Summing Up

The aim of this content was suggesting some best pairs of basketball socks for both new and experienced buyers and help the novice to know the basketball socks for making the right purchase.

We think we have successfully completed our task, and we are confident too that, if you have gone through all of our words, you can successfully buy the best pair of basketball socks for yourself, your friends and your team.

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