Best Basketball Shorts: Top 10 Reviews and Pro Tips for 2022

Being comfortable during the game is one of the secrets of good performance on the court.

If you can’t move comfortably in between the baskets, it doesn’t matter how skilled you are, you can’t show your skills with perfection.

During the game your costumes must allow you to do dribbling, jumping and throwing a 3-point shot with perfect timing and precision.

We all know that we can’t play basketball with our regular pants.

Actually, we shouldn’t do so either; because we can’t run or jump easily wearing our casual jeans or gabardine. Even if we try to do so, it may be the cause of tearing up the pants.

So, to play basketball like a pro, you must have a special type of pants and that is shorts. Again, every pair of shorts available online and offline market will not well fit with your playing needs, you have to choose the best.

Buying the best basketball shorts is not an arduous task like scoring a 3-pointer, but one must know the best ones and what makes a pair of shorts best.

To guide those basketball players like you who want to get perfect shorts for themselves, we have made a list of 10 best basketball shorts, and also written a comprehensive buying guide. So, if you want to be guided, you can be with our words till the end.

10 Best Basketball Shorts Review

Analyzing a good number of shorts, we have made this list of 10 basketball shorts.

These are the shorts that are being loved by the basketball players as well other individuals who are involved in running, playing, work-outing and other types of exercises and playing activities.

1. Nike Men’s Layup 2 Shorts

Nike Men's Layup 2 Shorts

Probably you also know that the word Nike is synonymous to quality products. All the sportspersons and sports lovers love Nike’s products.

This time they come up with shorts for the basketball players. The shorts are featured with an 11-inch inseam that surely offers you a full range of mobility to all directions.

It also has pinstripe design all over the body.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Made of Polyester

Polyester is the most used material of the sportswear.

This material is durable and has a premium look.

As a result, polyester made clothes are favorite to the players.

These Nike shorts are also made of 100 percent authentic polyester.

Anyone has these will enjoy comfortable wearing around the year.

  • Side Pockets

No sports allow players to carry anything in their pockets during the game, but after or before the game a player needs to carry his smartphone, anklet, bandage, etc. Here the shorts have two pockets where you can carry your lightweight stuff.

  • Elastic Waistband

We all expect that our dresses will fit with our body comfortably. In this respect, elastic materials allow for comfortable fitting.

These Nike shorts have an elastic waistband with an internal drawcord so that a user can personalize his shorts securely.

  • Easy Maintenance

Sweat is the cruelest enemy for a basketball player in keeping his sportswear always clean and fresh.

The Nike shorts are machine washable, you can wash them without sweating any further sweat after the game.

Thus, keeping your shorts always fresh will be a matter of a few minutes for you.

2. NIKE Men’s Basketball Shorts

NIKE Men's Basketball Shorts

Here is another pair of shorts from the sports giant Nike.

The USA based manufacture never fails to impress their buyers with their products.

These Nike men basketball shorts come with a 9-inch inseam and two-layers cutting design.

Together they provide sufficient room for the users for better mobility and faster movement.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable

Typically, Nike’s shorts are comfortable whether they are football shorts or basketball shorts, even cricket trousers, but you will get extra comfort from this pair of shorts.

The Dri-FIT sweat-wicking technology will keep you dry around the game and ensure your comfort.

  • Two Side Pockets

You will get free space for carrying your smartphone, anklet and other small stuff before or after the match.

The shorts featured with two on-seam pockets, one on each side.

  • Lightweight Design

Shorts are manufactured with genuine polyester fabrics. The use of Polyester made the shorts durable and lightweight.

This lightweight structure let the player feel free all over the game. As a result, he can jump, dribble and basket more swiftly.

  • Eye Catchy Trademark

Unlike other pairs of Nike shorts, this one has a comparatively large trademark on the left leg.

The trademark is printed on the fabric, not done with sewing, so it doesn’t add any extra weight to the shorts.

3. Champion Men’s Jersey Short with Pockets

Champion Men's Jersey Short With Pockets

Here are the Champion Men’s Jersey shorts, where the brand name itself is the product’s identity.

This pair of shorts is one of the top-rated shorts around e-commerce shops.

The champion shorts are made of 100 % cotton, so you will enjoy every feature of the shorts with ultimate comfort and for a long period of time.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Premium Fitting

You will get premium fitting with the shorts. They have an elastic waistband with adjustable internal drawstring.

The elastic band will adjust with your waist according to the size, and the drawstring will allow you to make that size stable.

  • Pockets for Storing

If you don’t want to carry your bag to go somewhere, still you can carry your necessary things like the smartphone, wrist band, headband, etc. with you.

Because these Champion shorts are designed with two side pockets, one on the left and another on the right.

  • Room for Mobility

The more room for mobility a basketball player gets the more opportunity to dribble, jump, and shorts with the precision he will have.

Here these shorts provide you 9-inch inseam, which is good enough for enjoying ample mobility.

  • Easy Washing

Washing shorts manually takes time as well as burns extra calories, but anyone has these shorts won’t have to be tensed about the freshness. They are machine washable.

4. Adidas Men’s Basketball 3G Speed Shorts

Adidas Men's Basketball 3G Speed Shorts

Adidas is another renowned sportswear manufacturer who is also proving themselves since their inauguration.

Just like Nike, this brand is also considered as a trademark of quality products.

This pair of men’s basketball shorts is a proud member of the Adidas family.

The shorts come with triangle panel at hem, two side pockets and overall a durable performance friendly design.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Elastic Waistband

You can’t run with confident from basket to basket, three-point line to midcourt, also can’t dribble if your outfits do not fit with your body properly.

But, here the shorts have an elastic waist with drawcord, so you can adjust and get the right fit from your shorts.

  • Better Mobility

Till now this Adidas’s pair of shorts has the most spacious room for the player.

These shorts have a 12-inch long inseam, which is more than enough to showcase any skill on the ground enjoying the highest mobility.

  • Special Design

Basketball players get sweaty within a few minutes of the game starting. To absorb all the sweat from the player’s body, Adidas manufactured these shorts with climalite fabrics.

When wearing these shorts, even after a long time of playing a player will never be exhausted soaking with sweat.

  • Durability

Polyester as the fabrics of sportswear is one of the finest as well as durable materials. These shorts also have been made with pure Interlock polyester, so once you own this, you can wear and play for a long time.

5. Real Essentials Men’s Active Athletic

Real Essentials Men's Active Athletic

Real Essential is another bestselling shorts manufacturer throughout the web stores.

These shorts are slightly different in design from our previous shorts.

This is a pair of shorts for various usage, including a good choice for the basketball players.

When a basketball player wears these shorts, he will enjoy a dry and cool game with 9-inch inseam full range motion area, that will help him to perform well.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cool and Dry

The shorts are featured with Moisture wicking technology, this system along with the breathable construction keeps the user always dry and fresh.

Basically, this ventilation system ensures smooth air flow to the body which finally releases moisture away from the body.

  • Versatile Usability

Even if you are a basketball player and own this for your game, you can use it for your other purposes too.

The shorts are a great choice for workouts, football, volleyball, baseball, tennis badminton, running, exercising, cycling, jogging, and boxing.

  • Better Fitting

This pair of shorts is one for different playing and exercising solutions, and one of the good reasons behind the quality is their perfect fitting system.

The shorts are featured with elastic waistband and adjustable internal drawstring, together they are delivering a custom comfortable fitting for the users, for any use.

  • Storage Facility

As you can use this pair of shorts for many needs, you may need to carry your small belongings with you, shouldn’t it have a storage facility? The shorts have two side pockets where you can carry your smartphone, headphones, watch, headband, bandage, etc.

6. Under Armour Men’s Raid 10″ Shorts

Under Armour Men's Raid 10" Shorts

Under Armour is a Maryland, the United States based sports gear producer.

They are in this manufacturing industry since 1996. Within the last 23 years, they have established themselves as one of the reliable sports brands.

These Men’s Raid Shorts are from the Under Armour. Players will get a fresh vibe, better mobility and protection from harmful ray wearing these lightweight shorts.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable to Wear

Comfortability is a must-have feature for any clothing. These Men’s Raid 10-inch shorts uphold the feature in a good manner.

The shorts are made of HeatGear fabric, which is ultra-soft & smooth and provides extreme comfort with very little weight.

  • Keep You Fresh

The shorts are designed in a way that they can prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes. Anti-odor technology helps the shorts to this prevention.

As a result, even if you soaked with sweat wearing the shorts, you never smell bad.

  • Quick Sweat Control

Whether you jog or play basketball, you are prone to be soaked with sweat. The sweaty shorts weigh more and have the possibility of spreading odor.

But, the materials used in these shorts, wicks sweat and dries the pants really fast.

  • Better Movement

The shorts also ensure your better mobility every time. They have 4-way stretch construction which enables a user to move each direction with equal speed.

7. Amazon Essentials Men’s Loose-Fit Mesh Basketball Short

Amazon Essentials Men's Loose-Fit Mesh Basketball Short

The shorts are from the e-commerce giant Amazon.

This pair of shorts is a member of Amazon’s clothing line Amazon Essential.

The provider always listens to their customer feedback and keep upgrading the products according to customer needs.

In these polyester made shorts, Amazon also used updated cooling technology, ample motion room, internal drawcord and other performance-friendly features.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable Wearing

The shorts feature open-hole mesh with a tricot liner that ensures excellent breathability.

So, whether you wear these shorts as your basketball costume, or as your jogging pants, even your workout shorts, every time you will get equal comfort.

  • Full Range of Motion

The shorts are designed so that they can maintain loose yet solid fitting with the users’ body. Moreover, you can also do any movement from your position, your shorts always allow you to move with full of motion.

  • Side Storage

Basketball doesn’t permit carrying anything inside your pocket during the game.

But when you wear a pair of shorts for other purposes, you may need to carry something, at least most of the time it may be your smartphone.

Two pockets on two sides will help you with carrying.

  • Keep the Shorts Clean

Almost all the activities that need to wear shorts are sweaty, but sweaty clothes are not expected. However, if you choose this one, you will always be fresh because the shorts have moisture-wicking mesh that will help you to be cool.

When you need to wash the shorts, you can do it by your machine as they are machine washable.

8. Southpole Men’s Basic Basketball Mesh Shorts

David Khym and Kenny Khym were two brothers who started the clothing enterprise Southpole.

In the beginning time, they were focused on premium urban brand, day by day they broadened their product line and once entered into this sports manufacturing industry.

This time our chosen basketball shorts are from the Southland. The shorts are breathable, adjustable with waist, and come with a carrying system.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Wash

It will be easy for anyone who owns the shorts to wear fresh and clean shorts every time.

The shorts are completely machine washable, and there will be no damage to the smoothness of the fabric.

  • Perfect Fitting

These Southpole shorts are featured with drawstring cord, that means the width determination of your shorts is in your hand.

The drawstring cord has two parts, once you get your right size, you can tie the cord to make it stable on that position.

  • Breathable

The shorts are manufactured with breathable authentic polyester. As a result, you will get both comfort and durability.

The breathable fabric construction let the outside air to flow inside of the shorts, that eventually keeps the lower parts of user body fresh and odor free.

  • Lightweight Mesh Shorts

A pair of shorts feel even more comfortable when it is lightweight.

These Southpole shorts are manufactured with lightweight fabrics also the fabrics are breathable, so in both dry and partially soaked condition, they will be light in weight.

9. Toptie Men’s Basketball Shorts

Toptie Men's Basketball Shorts

Toptie cares about the people outfits and manufacturer stylish and comfortable fashion wear and sportswear for their needs.

They are the United Kingdom-based manufacturer.

This stylish manufacturer brings a pair of basketball shorts for the stylish basketball players, the shorts feature a unique two-color design with contrast piping, they feature all the features that help a player to perform better on the court.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Made of Polyester

These Toptie basketball shorts are made of 100% viscose knitted polyester.

These materials are well known for their comfort and durability, they also make way for free air circulation during sports activities like basketball, or during rigorous workouts.

  • Lightweight Shorts

Whoever wears these shorts never feel overweight during the game because of his shorts. The shorts weigh less and have abundant room for easy movement.

This combination of lightweight structure and wide room especially helps you to jump for scoring or defending.

  • Ensure Proper Fitting

To ensure proper fitting for the user the manufacturer added both waistband and drawstring. Waistband adjusts the width of the shorts with the waist, and drawstring will help you to make that position constant.

  • Ensure Better Performance

The smart moisture control system of these shorts will keep your skin dry and help you to perform your best by providing you the best working conditions.

10. Choice Apparel Men shorts

Choice Apparel Men Shorts

This Choice Apparel product is totally different than our all previous shorts. If you like black as well as military print design, these can be your basketball partner.

The manufacturer is also based in the UK just like our previous one, they mainly produce for the men.

Like their other products, these shorts are also a good combination of style and comfort.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy Maintenance

The shorts are majorly black in color and have the machine washable facility. So, the black color will make some dirt invisible.

Even if some are visible or the shorts are soaked with your sweat, you can easily make them fresh using your washing machine.

  • 2 Side Pockets

Though these are basketball shorts, if you want, you can wear them for your jogging, workout and other purposes.

When you use the shorts for other purposes, two side pockets will help you to carry your belongings.

  • Better Fitting

The shorts also featured with functional drawstring. Using these strings, you can adjust fitting as loose or as tight you want. Strings also ensure that your shorts won’t go off!

  • Polyester

These two-color shorts are the product of 100 percent pure polyester materials.

So, it is almost certain that once you have this pair of shorts, you can play a good number of matches before buying a new one.

Basketball Shorts Buying Guide

In the above section, we have reviewed 10 best basketball shorts. There are also a good number of shorts that are really good, but not each one will be best for you.

If you go through this guide, hopefully, you will get which one you should buy by analyzing your requirement factors.

What to Consider When Buying Basketball shorts?

A pair of shorts have many factors to consider, and these considering factors also depend on the purpose of buying.

Here we have discussed 4 factors that a basketball player should consider when he will go for his basketball shorts.


Polyester is the most preferable material for any sportswear, even most of the basketball shorts are made of this material.

The reason behind this material’s popularity is polyester is durable material and a sports person’s clothes should be durable enough to bear the intensity of the game.

You will get a wide range of polyester, but among all of them, the breathable one is the best. When your shorts have breathable construction, you will feel fresh and cool around the game.

Because it will ensure proper air circulation to your coved parts of the body.


For me, wearing a good fitting pair of shorts is the primary condition of performing well on the ground.

Because if your shorts are too loose or too tight you can’t concentrate on the game, you may think all around the game, what if my shorts go off!

In general, if you buy the right size like L/XL/XXL, you will have a good fitting.

However, if you want the best, you should consider the pair of shorts with both adjustable waistband and drawstring.

These two ensure you the best fitting you need without hurting your waist.

Roomy legs

Remember, your basketball shorts shouldn’t have a narrow or slim fitting like your casual or formal dress, they must have ample openness.

Normally, shorts with lengthier seam are more open. A basketball player wearing a roomy pair of shorts can pass, dribble, jump, defense, make basket shoot comfortably.

On the other aspect, this type of shorts is also comfortable to wear as they have more opening for air circulation.


Pocket can’t be an essential option for basketball shorts, because for a professional player lightweight shorts are always preferable.

However, if you want to purchase a pair of shorts for multiple usages you can consider the presence of 2/1 pockets in your shorts.

Steps of Buying A Basketball Short

Step-1: Decide, for what purposes you will purchase the shorts.

Step-2: Choose the color or design that match with your personality and style.

Step-3:  Make sure that the shorts meet all of your considering factors.

Step-4: If possible, you can trail them before making the purchase.

Step-5: Purchase your shorts.

Wrapping Up

Scoring, defending, keeping the possession– these are the determiner of a match result. And all these required teammates’ cooperation, you can’t do them alone.

But you can alone find best basketball shorts from the market for yourself by yourself, which are also an indirect influencer of the match success.

As you are here, we expect that now you can do that successfully.

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