Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet: Expert Reviews and Buying Guide

Shopping for shoe has been nothing but nightmare to wide-feet people for ages.

For some weird reason, it’s always hard to find a good pair that match usual wide feet.

The market is full of awesome new designs and features, but unfortunately it feels like manufacturers are always forgetting about folks with large feet while coming out with all the latest updates.

How unfair is that? Not finding a large size of an attractive model is a regular tragedy for sneakerheads with big feet.

Especially when one is searching for a good pair of basketball shoes.

However, we feel the struggle, and we’re here for it.

The market might always give the small feet their prime attention; thanks to our basketball heroes, brands have now started to address the problem and are making some progress in benefitting the wide feet community.

Yes, lots of awesome shoes are now available in the market eagerly waiting to become your wide feet’s best friend both on the court and the street.

You’ll definitely love to give them all a try.

Well, no matter how appealing it sounds, it’s not possible though to try out all the dream models.

But we can definitely help you pick the best one.

Here we have a list of ten of the best basketball shoes for wide feet. See for yourself to find the pair of your dreams.

10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Review

#1 Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017

Adidas Men's Crazy Explosive 2017

Jumping or running will feel as relaxing as lying down, if you have your adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017 on.

Why already addressing it as yours? ‘Cause this is high likely that you won’t be able to resist yourself from adding it to the cart once you get to know all the features.

Made for the wide feet, dedicated to offer utmost comfort. Lace-up structure manufactured with mesh, which makes it a breathable and fashionable choice, both at the same time.

In the brand’s own words, “you wouldn’t want to be caught dead without your adidas® Crazy Explosive 2017”.

Yes, every attribute of it clearly shows that this is, indeed, one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support out there.

Key Features and Benefits

Breathable Design

Just look at it! The whole upper part of this bad boy is manufactured with dual mesh and synthetic fabric instead of something super plain.

Why? So that you can spend a long time in these shoes without getting all irritated and sweaty.

Comfortable for Arch

It takes care of another prime concern of athletic people, the arch support. All those running around and jumping takes a great toll on the bottom of the foot.

In order to solve this problem for good, this shoe comes with soft foot cushioning that feels real comfortable on the arch.

High-top silhouette has been used to ensure ultimate support for your ankle.


Exactly what you need in the smooth basketball court! The sole is made of rubber for creating enough friction with the slippery surface. You can keep running and playing without any worries.


This shoe was made to impress minds. The lace-up structure and low-top measurement from arch are here to boost your confidence. Available in several colors.

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#2 NIKE Lebron XIV Mens Basketball Shoes 852405

NIKE Lebron XIV Mens Basketball Shoes 852405

Who says shoes can’t be a piece of art? Definitely not the makers of NIKE Lebron XIV Mens Basketball Shoes 852405.

As a person of the field, Lebron hundred percent gets your priority, so you can already understand what magic can be created from a Nike-Lebron collaboration.

Yes, it just as fantastic as your expectations. To be honest, even more than that!

It’s no wonder that taking basketball seriously always comes with a great series of pressure for the person’s feet.

So, no compromising on ensuring utmost feel of comfort.

NIKE Lebron XIV Mens Basketball Shoes 852405 is manufactured keeping that very concept in mind.

Key Features and Benefits

Comfortable Structure

As we mentioned earlier, ensuring comfort was their topmost priority.

The shoe is manufactured following laser perforation technology, which allows for your foot skin to breathe.

Cushioned surface keeps the ankle going for a long time without any feel of pain.

Brilliant Use of Materials

Leather and synthetic materials have been used for making this shoe. Synthetic layers ensure longevity, while leather makes it a comfortable choice for non-stop jumping and running. Inclusion of dual-zone composite textile makes it lightweight.

Cozy Fit

The best thing about this shoe is; no matter how much you run around, it’ll hardly come off your foot.

Features cushioned heel padding for firm and cozy fit. Besides, full inner sleeve is included that gives an intense snuggly sock-like feeling.

Pleasant to Look At

Nike’s fashion game is always on point, nothing new about that. Features lace-up system for closer.

Comes in several colors that will suit all preferences, with stunning accent and patterns on the surface. Definitely the shoe for people who live to set trends.

#3 Under Armour Men’s Jet 2017 Basketball Shoe

Seriously, who loves the feeling of their feet getting all hot and sweaty inside the shoes? Nobody; especially not when they have to put all their focus on the basketball court to pull their A-Game.

This is why you need something like Under Armour Men’s Jet 2017 Basketball Shoe in your life.

Under Armour didn’t become one of the most admired shoe brands just like that.

They know what people want and work to give them exactly that. And the same goes for this shoe too.

Whether your concern is centered around your feet’s comfort, durability or style, Under Armour Men’s Jet 2017 Basketball Shoe has got your back; or in this case, your feet.

Key Features and Benefits


Instead of following compact fabric design like many other shoes, it features mesh mid-foot panel that comes with ventilation system.

Due to this, enough air circulation is ensured inside for your feet.

The textile and leather are also combined in a favorable way on the upper surface for the same purpose.

Utmost Comfort

It’s no mystery for experienced people that running, jumping and playing basketball take a great toll on the ankle; the ankle collar of this shoe includes enhanced cushioning to reduce that intense pressure.

They used die-cut EVA sockliner for underfoot cushioning.


Perfect for long-term use. Stumbling across something or dragging a toe is a regular on the court; however, this type of incident alone is capable of lowering the lifespan of your shoe.

That’s why it features durable toe-cap in the front to provide with needed protection to ensure longevity.

Perfect for Basketball Court

The experience of running and jumping on the court is way different than regular running and jumping. The slippery surface is what makes the actions more difficult.

The rubber sole used in this shoe is designed with herringbone traction pattern that prevents the shoe from randomly slipping on the surface, another reason why it’s a perfect companion on the court.

#4 Adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor Mid Basketball-Shoes

If your main concerns happen to be perfect fit and comfort, adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor Mid Basketball-Shoes are definitely one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet to go for.

And this is just not something we’re suggesting, but based on the opinions coming from previous buyers.

Talk about materials used for the construction or the way it is manufactured, everything about it ensures quality from sole to top.

High arch or not, you’ll definitely have a convenient experience on the court with adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor Mid Basketball-Shoes on.

Best for hour-long periods of walking and running.

Key Features and Benefits

Good Materials

The shoe is manufactured with synthetic and textile materials.

By now it mustn’t be a fact of surprise to you how the combination of the two helps with ensuring breathability for your feet inside the shoe.

Also makes the whole thing more comfortable to wear for a long period.


The shoe features cloudfoam cushioning that fights against irritation one usually feels while doing heavy jumping and running for hours.

You can walk miles and miles in this, without having a sore foot.


Exactly what you need on the court. The sole is made of rubber which makes it a worthy choice for running on a slippery surface.

The rubber creates a friction against the surface, so it becomes difficult for the shoe to slip just like that.

Perfect for All Arches Everywhere

Yes, it’s an everywhere-pal for anyone’s wide feet.

Comes with mid-top shaft measurement that suits all sorts of arches. Street-tech style of the shoe makes it a cool element of the outfit even outside the court.

Available in several colors.

#5 Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2015 TB Basketball Shoes

We can declare this without any doubt or hesitation, any fan of Nike and high-top shoes will instantly fall in love with Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2015 TB Basketball Shoes on the very first sight.

Look-wise and quality-wise, these shoes are definitely wide feet-goal.

From the bottom of the arch to the very upper ankle, this shoe provides with a wrap of comfort and durability that can be found only in top-notch quality shoes.

The color they picked to match the design gives it a captivating outlook, which gets proper fulfillment with the compliment of mesh fabric.

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2015 TB Basketball Shoes are a must for those who want to rule the basketball court in style.

Key Features and Benefits

Convenient Fit

Manufacturers’ main concern with this shoe was its fitting as the experience is never pleasant if the shoe is not a proper fit.

They added the collar in the most convenient way for the perfect fit.

The fit you feel while wearing a sock, the articulated padding of the collar gives you that.

This shoe also features Nike’s trademark Flywire technology that personally contributes to provide a cozy fit in the mid-foot region.

Also, the wrapping system of the collar makes it impossible to get the shoe that easily off the foot.

Feels Comfortable

The collar of the shoe is foamed in order to avoid irritation or cuts on the ankle area, also one of the main reason why the shoe is so comfortable to wear.


Rubber sole is added at the bottom for creating sufficient friction needed in a smooth surface

Now, the support inside the fabric is more enhanced as the outsole material is joined together with midsole. Looks kinda unusual, but feels supportive nonetheless.

Admirable Outlook

The shoe is manufactured with synthetic materials, with mesh design on top.

Which, alongside contributing for usage convenience, provides it with a classy high-top outlook.

And although the lines of flywire threads are meant for something completely different, they also contribute to the reason why the shoe always stands out among the others.

Available in several colors.

#6 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

Or you can always go back to the traditional converse if you want to.

Seriously though, no matter how much evolution the designs and patterns go through in ages, this shoe just never goes out of style.

Chuck Taylor All Star shoes have been all-time favorite of both young and old folks, both on the street and the court.

Why is that? Tell us, why it shouldn’t be? It has a sole that’s good with friction; you can wear it for a large period without feeling slight irritation on the skin.

It’s durable and follows easy lace-up pattern.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top shoes are one of the very few high top shoes out there that can make your ankles feel comfortable without adding extra layers of padding.

Key Features and Benefits


It’s manufactured following the classic converse style, so all the benefits of the brand are included here.

The sole is made of vulcanized rubber which makes it several times more damage-resistant than other similar types of shoes.

Also, the rubber sole does genuinely well with slippery surfaces.


Comfort is what Chuck Taylor All Star shoes are most famous for. The fabric doesn’t feel irritating on the skin.

Follows canvas construction which creates a way for sufficient air circulation inside.

Medial eyelets are also included for the same reason.

And the privilege of the breathability is not the only thing that makes it one of the best basketball shoes for your feet when it comes to comfort; Ortholite insole cushioning has something to do with it as well.


Do you even need an explanation for this? The proof is all before you to check out.

Converse has been a favorite name of a lot of people for their simple, decent look.

This lace-up high-top shoe comes in several colors in order to project your preferences.

And the ankle patch included on sides is just a unique way to express its incomparable sense of fashion.

#7 Nike Men’s SF AF1 Mid Basketball Shoe

Tired of seeing almost the same pattern on shoe’s designs again and again? Does your hipster soul crave something a little different? Then you should definitely pick a pair like Nike Men’s SF AF1 Mid Basketball Shoe.

Nike’s Air Force 1 is one of their most popular lineups because of the tremendous design it’s always bringing to the yard.

The pattern, the sewing, choice of materials; everything is A1 in AF1 shoes. Wanna rock the court in military style? Nike Men’s SF AF1 Mid Basketball Shoe is always at your service!

Basketball court is like a warzone; with the help of this shoe, start treating it like one!

Key Features and Benefits

Fantastic Leather Upper

The shoe’s upper part is manufactured with premium quality leather.

It feels so sleek and nice on the skin, you won’t get a chance of feeling irritating with the shoe on for hours! The leather also helps with its durability.

Nylon Back

Nylon has been used in the making of the fabric included in the back.

The nylon is another reason beside leather why the shoe will outlast a lot of other durable models.

The nylon panel makes you feel lightweight even at the presence of leather on the shoe.

It’s also the material that ensures your skin gets enough space to breathe under the fabric.

Dual-zipper Entry

Instead of relying on traditional lace-up system, this shoe comes with dual zipper-entry on the back.

It makes the job of putting on shoes several times easier, along with saving time on tying up shoelaces. Yes, this AF1 shoes saves your time and effort in the coolest possible way!

Stable on The Court

Yup, manufacturers didn’t forget about your feet’s performance while solely focusing on its state.

The rubber outsole features a unique pattern to provide with enough traction on smooth surfaces to avoid slipping. The included pivot points operate for the same purpose.

#8 Under Armour Men’s Team Drive 4 Basketball Shoe

Basketball court is a totally different business, you can’t compare it with running around the block for some casual purpose; especially when you’re talking a serious game.

For serious basketball, one should definitely pick Under Armour Men’s Team Drive 4 Basketball Shoe or something similar.

Proper fitting, comfort and support are some things that have to be taken as priorities when you’re running on the court with a ball.

This shoe takes care of all these three concerns.

If you consider the collar design it follows, you’ll have to agree that this is definitely one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Key Features and Benefits

Snuggly Fit

Put your full concentration on the game, Under Armour is here to take care of your feet in the shoe.

It features molded ankle collar that provides with a snuggly sock-like fit.

Also, underfoot cushioning is added, thanks to exposed Micro Gheel and die-cut EVA sockliner, for a comfortable wrap around the foot.

Brilliant Application of Material

Full manufacturing of the shoe was done using textile and synthetic materials.

Synthetic helps to increase its lifespan.

Textile upper allows for sufficient air circulation under the fabric.

Made for Stability

Comes with external heel counter that works to keep the heel locked inside the shoe.

Toe wrap added in the front prevents the toes from stumbling constantly.

On the other hand, stability on the sides are ensured with the inclusion of 3d shank wrapping.

So, stopping due to some problem in the shoe won’t be a deal here.

Convenient Design

Rubber sole is added at the bottom; slipping on a smooth basketball is rarely gonna be an incident due to herringbone traction pattern they followed in the making of the sole.

Reinforced lace loops are included on the upper part. Available in several eye-capturing colors.

#9 Air Jordan 11 Retro “Space Jam 2016 Release”

How awesome does a shoe have to be to make a comeback after two decades of the first release? Yes, one can only imagine the quality this Air Jordan offers that it became the craze of so many households.

This is why, manufacturers thought it’d be a great justice to the model and fascinating tribute to NBA icon Michael Jordan’s ‘Space Jam’ era to release the shoe again in this decade.

So, why is it one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet? If you happen to think that people were after it just because of the fame of the name, you’re completely wrong.

Having a satisfying game of basketball, especially when you have wide feet, is totally up to durable shoes; and Air Jordan 11 Retro “Space Jam 2016 Release” lives up to people’s expectations.

Key Features and Benefits

Made of Leather

This shoe is not manufactured using any sort of phony material, instead pure leather was used which is primarily responsible for its durability and comfortable structure.

The front features sleek, glazing leather mudguard that adds to the shoe’s divine outlook.

Feels Cozy

Air Jordan is well-known for comfortable construction. And you’ll find the same experience in this shoe too.

While the glazing leather mudguard on the front works to protect the toes, the leather in the back creates a comfortable wrap around the ankle.

The fabric on the upper part ensures breathability and lowers irritation.

Fascinating Attire

This didn’t even need mentioning; the attire is undoubtedly what makes everyone fall in love with this shoe at the first place.

Alongside the stunning mudguard, the no. 45 is stitched on the back and the Jumpman logo is embroidered on the side.

The combination of black with white and blue accent, and the transparent layer at the bottom of the sole are more than enough to win passionate people’s hearts.

#10 Adidas Men’s Cf Revival Mid Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's Cf Revival Mid Basketball Shoe

Let’s end the list with a top-notch model, shall we? Adidas is always a reliable brand when it comes to choosing some good shoes to rock on the court.

Durable quality, comfortable experience; Adidas excels in every aspect. So it’s needless to give an explanation of adidas Men’s Cf Revival Mid Basketball Shoe, you already know what to expect.

Unusual fabric design makes it a unique choice. The mid-top shoe is designed in a favorable way to provide the back of the feet the comfort it requires.

Rubber sole at the bottom is exactly what you need while running on the court.

From the bottom to the top, adidas Men’s Cf Revival Mid Basketball Shoe constantly screams quality.

Key Features and Benefits

Fine Materials

The shoe is manufactured with textile and synthetic materials. You won’t feel irritated in these shoes for hours, thanks to their initiative of using synthetic materials.

It follows a woven design on the upper fabric that works to ensure breathability, along with giving the shoe an incomparable outlook.

Suitable for Flat Feet

Yes, it’s one of the best basketball shoes for flat feet if the arch design is observed.

Instead of following a wavy cushioned pattern, they added a layer of padding that’s suitable for flat arches.


It’s a mid-top shoe if measured by the shaft, but the lace-up system backs up the foot with necessary support to keep it locked inside without needing a collar around the ankle.

Also, the rubber sole at the bottom creates enough friction to stand steadily against smooth surfaces.

Looks Good

Which you already know! Brand logo on the back and tonal stripes on the side are included to compliment the attire.

Available in three awesome colors to highlight your presence on the court.

Top Brands Of Basketball Shoes

If you want to shop brand-wise instead of going with a collection of some specific models, we wholeheartedly support your decision.

In fact, shopping while giving the brand topmost priority, is the wisest thing to do most of the times when it comes to basketball shoe shopping.

The market is highly competitive, a little mistake can result into a company’s massive downfall.

Keeping this in mind, top brands are always upright to bring their A-game in the field with every new model.

So, it’s guaranteed that their shoes will hardly ever disappoint you.


You won’t find a huge sport-junkie or a sneakerhead who won’t recognize the iconic thick check mark just by seeing it, Nike is that popular of a brand in sports world.

As it says in their official slogan ‘Just Do It’, this brand never stops with turning new ideas and thoughts into reality.

Your favorite Jordan and Converse? These are just some of the brainchild of this company.

Yes, Nike is that massive! Inventor of flywire thread, always coming up with designs that are all about feet’s comfort, creating structures that are favorable to the arch and the heel; yeah, Nike is definitely an awesome choice for basketball shoes.


Adidas, another huge giant of both the sport-world and footwear.

But this didn’t happen in one day. From a small wash room of a house in Germany, Adidas started its footwear making journey in 1940s and now we’re here, addressing them as one of the top shoe brands.

All that’s been made possible due to Adi Dassler’s tremendous dedication for changing athlete’s life forever.

Yes, this company started out by making boots for footballers and now it’s ruling all fields of sports including basketball.

Truth be spoken, Adidas basketball shoes are one of the best ones in the market in the regards of quality crafting and comfort.

So, you can blindly rely on the three stripes for the best basketball shoes for guards and everything else.

Under Armour

Under Armour might not be as old as the brands mentioned above, but it won the hearts of thousands of sports-enthusiasts with its top-notch craftsmanship.

Started out as sports outfit manufacturing company, UA’s full concentration was on the apparel athletes should be wearing until 2006, when they decided to change the footwear game once and for all by introducing their first official shoe model.

And now it has become one of the most popular brands for basketball shoes within a decade.

That’s a really short period if you consider the success of brands like Adidas or Nike. And it has only been possible due to their manufacturing quality.

This brand must be in your consideration if you’re hoping to bag an excellent pair of basketball shoes.

What To Take In Consideration While Looking For Basketball Shoes?

Ankle And Heel Support

Your ankles and heels have to endure the majority of the pressure you put your feet through while playing basketball.

Due to this, injury in those places is a common incident for most players.

However, you can stop this from occurring to you by choosing the right shoes that provide with sufficient ankle and heel support.


In order to prevent irritation or not feel sore in key points of the feet, it’s important for your shoe to be very comfortable.

Make sure they’re padded in the right places and the upper allows for enough air circulation under the fabric.


Stability is a must on the court.

You don’t want to accidentally slip and hurt your bones or not be able to make proper movements because the shoe doesn’t actually fit; that’s some unpleasant experience and in order to avoid them, go with the right features.

FAQ About Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

What Is The Upper Of A Shoe?

Answer: The whole body of a shoe is divided in several parts with individual labels for them. The part starting from the sole all the way to the top is referred to as “Upper”. It’s the part that covers the foot’s top.

Why Do Basketball Shoes Mostly Feature Standard Rubber Sole?

Answer: You can go with any type of material to make a durable shoe sole, as long as they’re serving for the purpose they were manufactured for.

But instead of relying on plastic or any similar material, manufacturers prone to lean towards rubber the most when it comes to constructing a shoe for playing basketball.

The basketball court is often smoothed down, or nearly-plain soles fail to give you the support you’re looking for out there.

Rubber’s texture creates sufficient friction needed in that situation.

Along with stability, rubber is well-reputed for providing with a good amount of flexibility that helps with heavy running and jumping.

These are the reasons for this being the primary sole material to most manufacturers.

What Is An Ankle Collar?

Answer: It’s a feature you’ll often see in a high-top shoe.

Ankle collar is a padding or layer of fabric included for providing support around the ankle.

Why Is It So Important To Ensure Breathability Under The Shoe Fabric?

Answer: Skin needs to get the necessary amount of oxygen to function properly.

However, sometimes that can’t happen the way it should because of the shoe you choose to wear. The fabric gets in the way of air circulation.

Manufacturers nowadays are very careful in this regard, still check properly before purchasing. If breathability isn’t ensured, irritation will occur and your feet will be sweaty a lot.

Which One Is The Better Option On The Court, Leather Or Textile?

Answer: Both materials have their individual fair share of benefits as shoe materials.

If manufactured properly, leather and textile both works brilliantly to provide you with the comfort and support you want from your shoes.

Textile happens to make the upper more lightweight and allows for better air circulation than leather. However, the breathability can be ensured with leather as well.

Your feet are less likely to get swollen in leather upper, which is the biggest upside of this material.

How Important It Is For Basketball Shoe’s Sole To Be Jagged?

Answer: Soles are always curved with patterns so that you can walk on surfaces.

However, running or walking requires a little more effort on smooth surfaces because it’s easy to slip there.

When soles are heavily jagged, they prone to grip better on the surface; thus prevent you from slipping. The more jagged your shoes’ soles are, the better.

What Is Flywire Technology?

Answer: You’ll see, lots of Nike shoes feature some stripe-like thick thread lines on the upper of the shoe, these lines are made with Flywire technology.

Flywire thread is a patented thing of Nike that they usually use in their shoes.

The main purpose of using flywire thread is to provide with needed support on the foot’s key points.

Now, manufacturers most often goes with some extra supportive layers to provide with that support, but that just adds more to the shoe’s stuffing.

Flywire technology solves that problem as the main purpose of using it is to give you the support you need while making the shoe as lightweight as possible.

Nike uses either vectran or nylon for making those flywire threads; and vectran is one of the lightest materials available out there.

With this technology, Nike is ensuring you get the support you need at the necessary points without loading your shoes with some extra weight.

How Can I Make Sure That I’m Not Getting Scammed With A Fake Pair?

Answer: This is indeed a great concern of online buyers, because it’s hard to recognize just from seeing pictures or description given online whether you’ll get the real deal or not.

Especially when it comes to expensive shoes of renowned brands.

You see, shoes of famous brands are usually very expensive; and because of that lots of people try to bargain or look for a way to get them in much cheaper rate, and scammers always bait on that.

As a result, you end up with some phony knock-off when the delivery arrives.

How to stop that from happening? There are several ways. You see, Amazon is a huge marketplace with countless retailers; they have a slot for everybody who wills to sell something.

Even for one single item, if available, they keep options of several retailers, so that you can choose the best deal that suits your condition.

Yes, this is where most people fall in trap.

No, Amazon is not responsible for that. It’s the scammers that get in disguised as a trustworthy source. It’s not that difficult to detect them.

You can easily get confirmed about your purchase being an original or a fake one by going through the reviews and questions answered by people who were there before you.

In fact, you can also ask things yourself to be completely sure about the deal.

Besides, check the source and links the dealers are associated with, it’ll straightaway give you the answer you’re looking for.

Final Words

We believe it won’t be that hard for you to make the right choice from all the options mentioned above.

All the features are elaborately disclosed, we chose them calculating all the benefits one can have by owning them; we also tried to make sure in the guide and FAQ section to enlighten you in the best possible way to help you find the perfect basketball shoes for wide feet.

Considering all of these, we’re confident that any decision you’ll make from here will definitely lead you to the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

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