Best Basketball Hoop for Kids and Toddler 2022: Expert Reviews

You see, finding the best toddler basketball hoop is way different than buying one to train teens at home or to practice for weekly games, for obvious reasons. And that makes the decision a little difficult for a lot of people, as they’ve to think the whole thing through with a whole new perspective.

However, purchasing the right basketball hoop for toddlers is not a hard task.

Set your priorities right and you’ll be good. Moreover, why worry much when we’re here to help with the decision?

Why Have A Kid Basketball Hoop?

As we said earlier, set your priorities right first for a wise decision.

Searching for something becomes a lot easier when you have a clear picture in your mind.

Because only then you know what to look for in a product, or whether you’re going with the right thing or not.

The period of the first several years after birth is a crucial stage in every person’s life.

Because this is when the basic development takes place and most of their habits established. The physical and mental transition keeps happening constantly during childhood.

So, it’s better to indulge them in something that will help their physical and mental development happen faster. Basketball works as a great medium for that.


Co-ordination: Basketball is a sport where co-ordination of eye and hand is must needed. Aiming develops the sense of co-ordination faster than any other regular activities.

Physical Functions: During childhood, the body is always growing and muscles are repeatedly shaping themselves for making a healthy structure. Running around, jumping and dunking benefits that process.

Behavior: Childhood is the prime time for a child to learn about proper behavior.

The things they learn that time are what reflect through their whole life, even if they learn new things after growing up.

Basketball does wonder when it comes to that as it gives them lessons of discipline, helps them make decisions and encourages them to interact with others.

Happy Child: At the end of the day, our main concern is always centered on the children’s happiness. And when can that happen? When they’re physically alright and mentally satisfied.

Their game spirit is kindled and they’re excited all the time in a match, the ultimate contribution of basketball for making the toddlers happy.

Yes, things mentioned above proves why basketball is beneficial for kids in their early age of life. The game helps them to grow up in every way.

Who doesn’t want to give children a good childhood? And when basketball can make it better, why not?

Best Basketball Hoop Review

1. Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set (Amazon Exclusive)

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

The small height shouldn’t stop your little one from shooting the ball like the adults around them.

This is exactly what Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set is all about.

The set is constructed with convenient features to make basketball for amusing for Toddlers.

While growing up, playing is essential for children as it vitally contributes to their physical and mental development.

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set is aimed towards kids of the age from 18 months to five years old, the prime time of development.

While playing, alongside a healthy growth, your child will definitely build a good sense of balance, co-ordination and wit.

Little Tikes has been a favorite choice of thousands of parents for years, you can easily trust them when it comes to the happiness of your little one.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Perfect for All Heights

It can be adjusted to six different heights, which makes the set a perfect choice for toddlers in their growing years.

  • Easy Scoring

With this set, shooting the ball into the net is like a piece of cake, thanks to its oversized rim. The rim has been made huge on purpose so that your little one can easily send the ball into the basket and score.

  • Comes with OptionsThe set features 3 junior size basketballs. You won’t heavily have to worry about one getting damaged when several balls are available. Again, because of this, you get to avoid the chances of seeing your child cry.
  • Skill Development

One of the many reasons to encourage your child to play physically more and more is to develop some skills while they’re growing which will come helpful in the latter part of their life. This basketball set is designed keeping that very concept of skill development in mind.

2. Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Junior Basketball

Fisher-Price Grow-To-Pro Junior Basketball

Well, since it’s Fisher-Price, you’re probably already pretty relieved about the quality because of obvious reasons.

Whenever it comes to a great experience for toddlers, Fisher-Price has always been a choice of admiration among people. And trust me, Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Junior Basketball hoop is worthy of the same.’

The brand has been always about making your kids happy the easy way, and that dedication is evident in Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Junior Basketball set’s features as well.

Removable Sure Score rim makes scoring easier, while the adjustable hoop concentrates more on the little one’s height.

Whether they’re playing indoor or outdoor, Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Junior Basketball is definitely one of the best basketball hoops for kid in their growing period.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Super Easy to Score

The feature says it all: the hoop comes with SureScore rim, that is constructed in a convenient way to make the ball easily pass through the net.

It’s hard for the ball to outside the rim due to the said structure.

  • Adjustable Height

To make it easier for toddlers of all heights, the hoop can be adjusted two four heights.

The limit is up to 40 9nches, which makes it a great choice for any toddler; especially in their growing years.

  • Can Be Placed Anywhere

The basketball hoop is intended for both indoor and outdoor game. Yes, the base is that stable on its own.

Just port it to the location you’re willing to have a mini-match in anytime you want. Moreover, this feature also emphasizes that natural environmental causes have not a say here.

  • Perfect for Growing Toddlers

Obviously, preferences changes over time and sometimes you have to change it by yourself for the sake of children’s growth.

This hoop offers a great advantage for that purpose.

The basketball rim is added to avoid shooting outside of the basket, but you can remove it anytime you want.

Besides, the height adjustment feature always comes handy as kids never stop growing.

3. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

How awesome it can be to be able to play both basketball and football with one toy set? Sounds like a brilliant option, right? VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is that brilliant option right here.

It all says in the name. This isn’t any ordinary hoop or net, it’s a ‘Smart sports center’.

Why you may ask? Because unlike other basketball/football set, this one doesn’t stop at just entertaining your child with one specific sort of game.

It lets the kid kick some soccer balls, includes a scoreboard to keep a check on the basketball game, help the little ones learn about shapes and number through animation and melodies.

This sports center is literally a zone full of opportunities for children between the age of 1 to 3.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Two-in-one Sports Center

This sports center allows your kids to have fun with both basketball and soccer. It includes a basketball hoop and a soccer net.

It comes with a soccer ball and a basketball, no need to make different purchases.

  • Entertaining

An LED screen is featured to entertain the children with captivating and playful animation. The scoreboard tells the score when the basketball passes through the hoop, giving the little ones real life game-like vibe.

50+ songs and sound effects are added in the system to make the game more fun.

  • Learning Material

The set introduces an easy learning center featuring buttons and gears that teaches about numbers and shapes.

So, toddlers get to learn about stuff while playing; which makes it a splendid learning medium for preschoolers.

  • Skill Development

Yes, the set concentrates most on the little ones’ skill development.

Basketball and soccer, both are fantastic ways to help build the sense of co-ordination and taking the right decision.

Also, as both games require physical motions for playing, it provides them with good motion skills as well.

4. Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Junior Basketball Set

Step2 Shootin' Hoops Junior Basketball Set

In case you’re looking for some real deal, you can always go for Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Junior Basketball Set.

The big backboard, durable rim with legit woven net and the hoop do bring the vibe of the actual hoop in the house, just in a more kid-like attire.

This basketball set is perfect for children starting from the age of 1 until the maximum pole height doesn’t fall too short.

Gaming with Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Junior Basketball Set is less tiring and more intriguing because of all the excellently thought-out features.

Yes, the features are what makes it one of the best choices in the market.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable Height

The hoop can be adjusted to four different heights for the player’s convenience. Yes, it’s one of those basketball hoops that grows with children.

An adjustable collar is attached to the pole which helps it to rise or descend.

  • Convenient Rim Structure

The rim is also adjustable to match the pole’s length. It can be moved starting from six inches to all the way to the top at 48 inches.

Comes with a real woven net, not something made from faux material as we see often in other toy hoops. A backboard is included too.

  • Holders for Stuff

Unlike some other best basketball hoops for kid, this one features holders for the ball and water bottles.

Yes, it makes up for a drink break in between; and a safe space for the ball, not to mention.

  • Stable Base

The base might seem a little light because of the materials used in its construction, but this is not the case at all.

The base can be easily stabled in a certain place by weighting it with sand or water.

5. Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

You might wonder why we’re mentioning Little Tikes again, so here’s a little insight.

We want to provide you with the best options. Sometimes you have to consider a lot of things to match your preference.

So, in case you have an eye on the Little Tikes basketball set above, but still looking for a little loophole for negotiation; this Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set is giving you that loophole right here.

Yes, it’s not Amazon Exclusive. There are slight modifications of features because of that, but nothing big to make a major difference.

You get only one basketball with the set and excluding the additional attributes of Amazon Exclusive, all the features are exactly the same.

People who are looking for something simple but clever, Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set is definitely going to be the best toddler basketball hoop option for them.

Aimed for children of the age of 1 ½ to 5.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable Height

Just as a basketball hoop for toddlers should do, it can adjust to heights from 2 to 4 inches for children’s convenience.

Six height levels are introduced to match toddler’s length in their growing years, or just when you’re not sure about the best hoop height for your little one.

  • Convenient Rim Size

This is, in fact, the best attribute of all Little Tikes basketball set. Instead of going with a regular size, they include oversized rim.

Why? Because of a wider circumference, the ball always tends to fall into the net; sure success for the kid.

  • Perfect Stability

Because of the plastic body, it might seem difficult to place the hoop sturdily at one place. However, the base’s construction allows it to be weighted and settled by the base, so this won’t be much of a concern for you.

  • Skill Development

The set is designed keeping children’s crucial age period in mind.

While playing basketball, kids gradually develop the skills of accurate physical motions, co-ordinations, thinking and communication.

This being a set for playing basketball, directly contributes to that development.

6. Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set

Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set

Color matters a lot more than one can think when it comes to a child’s toy.

Usually, kids are more bothered about their favorite color rather than any actual important feature.

In case your child is more enthusiastic about having a pink hoop, you can easily make their dream come true with Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set.

Full fun of basketball in pink attire.

No, this being pink doesn’t bring any slight changes in the brilliant features Little Tikes is admired for.

You will still get delivered with the same quality attributes that should be in the best toddler basketball hoop.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Wider Rim

As it’s a Little Tikes, you can already guess. Besides, the set is aimed for really young toddlers who are too little to dunk the ball properly.

The rim being oversized gives them opportunities more often than usual.

It also helps with the fact of using larger balls in case you’re not going with the ball that comes along.

  • Adjustable Pole

The pole can be adjusted to six heights starting from two to six inches.

So, you won’t have to bother about measurements or anything at the time of purchase.

  • The Same Ball

Only the hoop is pink for a slight change. This set includes the same old-fashioned basketball just like every other Little Tikes basketball set. The ball is manufactured from plastic materials.

  • Firm Base

The base is hollow inside. Since the base is light, sturdy placement might seem a bit challenging with kids running around; you can easily take care of this by weighting the base with stand.

7. Little Tikes Adjust N Jam Basketball Set

Little Tikes Adjust N Jam Basketball Set

Another Little Tikes you wonder? Well, our goal is to bring you the best basketball hoops for the kid, and since Little Tikes seems to offer a number of incredible options, why not?

Little Tikes Adjust N Jam Basketball Set is aimed for those kids who’ll love to go for a serious round.

It’s impossible to tame kids older than 3 with some phony attributes. They need the real deal, and this is exactly what this set is all about.

Whether your child is too short or too tall, what environment they prefer the most: are not an issue for Little Tikes Adjust N Jam Basketball Set.

Its breakaway basketball rim and junior sized basketball will make the children feel like they’re in a real court.

Key Features and Benefit

  • Adjustable Height

Yes, just as anybody would want, this set comes with height adjustment privilege too. You can adjust the pole to five different heights.

As it’s built for kids more than the age of three, you can guess how far it can go; 6 feet is the maximum height limit.

  • Breakaway Rim

Unlike most other Little Tikes basketball sets, this one includes a breakaway rim instead of an oversized one.

It provides the kid with the privilege of bending the rim for dunking without causing any damage to the structure, just like professional basketball rims.

  • Portable

Children can have fun with the basketball set anywhere they want. The manufacturing doesn’t add any barrier to a specific environment. Indoors and outdoors both are eligible options for playing.

  • Convenient Base Structure

The base is pretty light, the core reason why it’s so easy to move to places.

However, since it’s for bigger kids and more active motions, the base is structured to be weighted with a sufficient amount of sand when needed.

8. Earlyears Baby Basketball

Earlyears Baby Basketball

Is your baby still too small for experimenting with an actual basketball hoop? Well, we’ve something for you too.

Earlyears Baby Basketball is precisely the thing your little one needs.

It’s exactly everything you see in the name. If the child is more than 12 months old; can grab, stand and walk; they’ll definitely have a great time with this basketball set.

Comes doll-like plushy animal pal balls; several ones, different animals. Kids can throw them, play with them like plushy teddy bears.

Throwing the balls in the basket helps to develop their co-ordination skills in a fun way. Overall, Earlyears Baby Basketball is a treasure for children’s early years.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Stable Structure

Instead of featuring a rim in a pole like an actual basketball hoop, it’s shaped like a basket; for obvious reasons.

However, it’s constructed sturdily with a weighted bottom so that throwing multiple balls don’t move it from the place.

  • Several Balls

Instead of using one basketball, manufacturers included several balls. It makes sense as the set doesn’t feature a hoop, but a basket for throwing.

The balls are plushy and animal shaped. Each ball is programmed with a mechanism that produces different types of sound.

  • Colorful Backboard

It’s not a surprise that babies are more likely to be attracted to colorful things. Keeping that in mind, this set comes with colorful, beautifully illustrated backboard that will definitely catch your baby’s attention.

  • Skill Development

Since this set is intended for babies of very early stage, the manufacturer made sure that it comes handy to teach them some basic skill.

The mechanism behind aiming to throw the ball into the basket helps with the coordination of eye and hands.

9. Dirty Dunk – the Original Over-the-Door Basketball Hoop Laundry Hamper

Dirty Dunk - The Original Over-The-Door Basketball Hoop Laundry Hamper

Now, this option is a little different. Originally Dirty Dunk – the Original Over-the-Door Basketball Hoop Laundry Hamper is targeted for dumping dirty laundry, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t have fun with if they want to.

Yes, it makes up for a good basketball hoop as well.

In fact, the structure of Dirty Dunk – the Original Over-the-Door Basketball Hoop Laundry Hamper comes amazingly closest to that of a real basketball hoop.

The rim is strong, so is the net. Your kids can jump and dunk as much as they want; and can use it afterward for depositing stuff, including the basketball.

This hamper gives you everything you’re looking for in a hoop. If a laundry hamper can offer some good deal for the kids, why not take it?

Key Features and Benefits

  • Two-in-one Advantage

Although it’s meant for dumping dirty laundry, kids can always dunk their balls and have fun with it indoors.

It’s constructed like every other basketball hoop out there, which ensures pretty much the same game experience.

  • Easy Mounting

It doesn’t come with a pole. Instead, padded metal brackets are included with the backboard for attachment.

You can easily put it up in any random location using those brackets. This feature also takes care of the height adjustment problem.

  • Sturdy Structure

The backboard and rim both are constructed from solid metal materials, which ensure sturdiness.

Yes, you can dunk as hard as you want. This hoop will definitely outlive a couple of basketballs.

  • Durable Woven Net

Nothing faux, you’ll be getting pure woven net with this.

Since the main purpose is to hold a pile of things in it, this hoop’s net is more durable than of the other hoops in the market.

There’s a tying thread at the bottom of the net that’s included for carrying and releasing stuff when needed.

10. Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set and First Slide – Bundle

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set And First Slide – Bundle

This is more of an offer than an option. Since we’re talking toddlers, it’s no surprise that their joy is what matters the most.

They should be playing with things that make them happy.

Now, a children’s basketball set will definitely fill their heart with joy; but wouldn’t that joy get maximized if they got a more exciting bundle instead?

Yes, you got it right. This is a bundle consisting of two toys. A fun slide is included with the basketball set.

With this bundle, your little one will get to experience the fun of playtime on another level. Running around dunking balls and sliding all day, can this get any better?

Key Feature and Benefits

  • Pink Attire

In case your kid is a fan of the color pink, it’s a lucky day for them. The pole is pink.

However, the junior-size basketball looks exactly like actual basketballs, no change of color.

  • Adjustable Pole

Just what you need for the toddlers that will never stop growing.  Six height adjustment levels up to 4 feet, as usual.

  • Several Balls

Yes, this set includes three balls instead of one. So, let the kids play without any setbacks. There’s always a ball available to take old one’s place.

  • Convenient Size

The most fascinating thing about this bundle is the size. Toddlers are very small and weak, so the size of a toy matters a lot considering the fact whether they’ll be having difficulties to play with it or not.

The pole ascends to the maximum height of four feet, and the slide is three feet long; suitable size for kids who are still pretty little.

How to Get the Right Basketball Hoop for A Toddler?

Not a surprise that purchase experience here is going to be far more unique than finding a professional hoop. And since we’re talking kids, the experience is pretty complicated which you have obviously realized by now.

Tell you what, even manufacturers had to keep a lot of things in mind while designing basketball hoops for toddlers.

Lots of factors here work as a big deal, which can’t be ignored while you’re looking for the best toddler basketball hoop.

The Height

Lots of people stumble exactly upon this feature. Don’t go for a hoop that doesn’t do justice to your little one’s growth.

They’re always getting taller by inches; one definite length will become useless after a while.

However, no matter what, it’s wise to be sure about the child’s height before making any decision.

Clear knowledge of their height will benefit you in two ways.

Firstly, you can always look for the most suitable hoop; and secondly, you won’t be confused about making a quick choice.

Easy Access

You’re looking for the best basketball hoops for the kid, not NBA players. So, go for something that makes a way for easy-scoring.

Kids don’t have knowledge of reality; all that matters to them is having fun.

So getting them all exhausted in a match is never a good idea. Also, what’s the fun in getting all exhausted?

Best toddler basketball hoop always has something in its structure that enables the kid to dunk balls super easily, look out for that feature.

Safe Set

Yes, safety should be your topmost priority while looking for a toddler basketball hoop. Whether it’s the design, the structure or the material, never neglect the issue of safety at any cost.

Pick lightweight hoops, since they don’t pose any threat of harming kids, and you can always port them from one place to another.

Plastic is a popular choice for lightweight hoops; make sure that the material isn’t toxic, and the toy’s surface is smoothed down all the way.

Suitable for the Environment

You or your child has a preference for the gaming spot, right? In this case, it’ll be unwise to go with any random hoop.

What if the hoop isn’t suitable for the place? Some hoops are strictly intended for only outdoors or indoors. Make the decision according to personal preference.

Additional Features

In order to make the experience more fun for toddlers, manufacturers often include some additional attributes to those regular-looking hoops.

Those features are seen to solve a lot of issues you’d have with just a plain hoop.

We’re not saying that plain hoops without extra attributes are bad; but as you’re looking for the best thing for kids, having some additional features will definitely make playtime more enjoyable.


Outlook has a major impact on kids. No matter how incredible a toy is, kids will straight refuse to play with it if they don’t like the way it looks.

So, no matter how absurd this is in your perspective, you can’t overlook the fact.

Kids are big admirer of colors. Sometimes they’ll just dislike things only because they don’t have their favorite color.

In plenty of scenarios, certain patterns or illustrations are feared or disliked by children. So, the outlook has a great impact here. Don’t make a silly move.

FAQ About Basketball Hoop for Kids and Toddler

What if the height isn’t suitable for the kid I’m buying this for?

Answer: We hardly believe something like this will happen. You see, we already thought this issue through and this was our primary concern while picking all the names.

Kids are constantly growing and not everyone is of the same size, so we only chose those hoops that don’t contradict with this matter.

If you inspect thoroughly, you’ll notice all the product mentioned above comes with a height adjustment feature. Either you have to adjust the pole or set them in the right height.

So, if you’re hesitating because of a kid’s height, don’t. Them having trouble playing with these hoops because of their heights is barely going to be an issue.

What’s a backboard?

Answer:  Backboard is an often-rectangular shaped board that’s attached to a basket.

Usually, this board is made of Plexiglas or see-through material so that it doesn’t get in the way of the audience. However, being made of the see-through object is not mandatory for kid’s basketball hoops.

This board holds the rim and is the main reason behind the basket being resistant to all sorts of pressure.

What’s a rim?

Answer: Rim or hoop is the circular shaped structure we see mounted to the backboard.

Usually, the woven net is attached to that said structure; the whole thing is referred to as the basket.

A person has to dunk the ball into the basket in order to score.

Why mention several similar types of basketball hoops?

Answer: Yes, you might have noticed that we included the same brand or similar models in the list, and with full consciousness. There’s a reason behind that.

Our goal was to pick the best basketball hoops for the kid, and we mean every kid out there. Now, not all kids should have or demand the same thing, and this is why we chose similar products that are different at some level to match every individual preference.

This is also why we had to go with similar products of one definite brand since that suits our criteria the best.

Is it okay to buy a hoop with a light hollow base?

Answer: People are always concerned with the base of a toddler basketball hoop as they’re often made of plastic or other light materials. Stability is not a big deal when it comes to actual basketball hoops since they’re structured in a professional way, but what about the toy hoops being light?

This concern brings us to another question first; as it’s obvious that those bases are not stable, why do manufacturers never stop making them? Aren’t they aware of the needs of their customers?

Answers to these questions lead to your question’s answer as well. As these hoops are made for kids, they’re made light on purpose.

So the weight doesn’t stand in the way of them playing with their toy however they want.

And as far as the concern goes for a light hollow base not being stable, its structure is really not that much of an issue.

The lightweight hoops listed above come with weighting feature. You can easily make them stable by using a stand or other similar materials.

Does adult basketball hoop work for a child?

Answer: Most of the times, no. It’s not a mystery to anyone that adult body structure is way different than toddler body structure.

Kids aren’t capable of adjusting with basketball hoops made for them. The height, stamina, perimeter of structures; nothing matches up.

Kids won’t be having much fun with those hoops, rather they’ll get exhausted. So introducing basketball to kids with the help of a grownup basketball is merely a wise decision.

Are all hoops made for the outdoor game only?

Answer: No, they are not. When it comes to kids, any place is a playground for them; whether it’s home or outside. And manufacturers understand that too.

That’s why basketball hoops made for toddlers are often designed in a way suitable for both indoor and outdoor matches.

However, every set is manufactured following individual diagrams; so, some models are meant for one particular environment only.

That shouldn’t be a problem for your preference since there are several suggestions listed above to choose from.

What if the kid hates how their basketball set looks?

Answer: Yes, this is a pretty major deal when it comes to purchasing something for toddlers. Little kids see the world from a whole different perspective than we grownups do.

They tend to hate things based on really small and silly stuff, yet they don’t like those things and that’s the most important first.

We understand this problem, that’s why, in our suggestion; we tried to maintain versatility as much as possible. We gave color choice priority to satisfy the children’s heart, we chose captivating structures.

We even chose a few products that don’t resemble the typical structure to welcome the difference of preferences.

Children’s satisfaction has been our goal from the very beginning, and we worked keeping that target before us. So, it will be very unlikely for your kids to hate something suggested here.


Kids should always have fun with their toys, and this should be the sole concern of a customer while choosing something for a child.

Basketball is definitely a fun sport for toddlers in their growing years, no doubt in that; however, this can only come true if you make the right purchase.

This is it. We brought together everything in one place to make that decision easy for you. We hope you were able to make the best choice for your little one.

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